The worst players in the history of PSG

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    Jean-Michel Larqué (1977-1979)

    Landed as a coach at only 29 years old, Jean-Michel Larqué put on his crampons again during the year when he noticed the shortcomings of his team. Before being exclusively a player the following season.

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    Osvaldo Ardiles (1982)

    First world champion to evolve at PSG, Osvaldo Ardiles, torn from Tottenham thanks to the Falklands war, is unrecognizable. « In training, sometimes it seems to me that Osvaldo is fifty years old … », launches his trainer before he is sacrificed because of the arrival of Safet Susic.

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    Richard Niederbacher (1984)

    Recruited to compensate for the departure of Moustapha Dahleb, Richard Niederbacher is preferred by Francis Borelli to Preben Elkjaer-Larsen. Top scorer in the Belgian championship the previous season, the Austrian, after injuring his knee, leaves after only one year.

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    Ray Wilkins (1987)

    Passed by Chelsea, Manchester United and AC Milan, 84 caps with England: Ray Wilkins presents well on his arrival. Four months later, the English midfielder has already left.

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    Geraldao (1991-1992)

    Arrived at PSG at the same time as Ricardo and Valdo, Geraldao, European champion with FC Porto in 1987, was to be the best Brazilian of the three. He displayed a technical level unworthy of a player from Brazil. To the point of leaving after only a year.

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    Edmilson Goncalves (1997-1998)

    It was certainly difficult to succeed Leonardo, but Edmilson Goncalves was really far from the mark.

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    Daniel Kenedy (1996-1997)

    « I made a mistake when I left Paris … » he assured in 2011. It depends on which side you are on.

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    Nicolas Ouedec (1998-1999)

    Back in France after a mixed experience at Espanyol Barcelona, ​​Nicolas Ouedec, top scorer in D1 three years earlier, is unrecognizable in Paris. To the point of not registering a single goal in 12 league matches.

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    Godwin Okpara (1999-2001)

    His poor performances are obviously little compared to the sordid case of repeated rapes of a minor of which he was convicted in 2008.

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    Talal El-Karkouri (2000-2004)

    This is the story of a player who made his career out of a Club World Cup match with Raja Casablanca against Real Madrid. To believe he had a twin brother.

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    Vampeta (2000-2001)

    Preceded by a good reputation, Vampeta, landed from Inter Milan, showed nothing in Paris. After only five months, the Parisian striker does not even deign to return from Brazil after the international break, forcing PSG to sell him.

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    Enrique de Lucas (2000-2001)

    If he was not wrong in recruiting Arteta, Pochettino or Heinze, Luis Fernandez did not have all the good in recruiting. The proof with Enrique De Lucas.

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    Joaquim Agostinho (2001-2002)

    Supposed to replace Laurent Robert, who left for Newcastle, at the post of left midfielder., The Portuguese, is playing in Lugano for the title of the slowest player in the history of the club)

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    Hugo Leal (2001-2004)

    Landed from Atletico Madrid, Hugo Leal is known to all Football Manager fans. He seems physically overwhelmed and his performances are nevertheless very dull. And when he scored in the final of the Coupe de France against Auxerre, he was excluded in the second half.

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    Alex Nyarko (2002-2003)

    On loan from Everton, Alex Nyarko does not do much to make his leaders want to keep him.

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    Stéphane Pédron (2003)

    In lack of playing time in Lens, Stéphane Pédron hopes to relaunch his career thanks to a six-month loan to PSG. Missed.

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    André Luiz (2002-2004)

    Arrived from Olympique de Marseille, where he had been to his advantage, André Luiz never adapted in the capital. To the point of being loaned after only six months and having his contract terminated after eighteen months.

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    Hakan Yakin (2003)

    The most unlikely arrival at PSG. Recruited to make forget Ronaldinho, the Swiss, arrived short of form, stays only a few days in Paris. Time to disappear to have a herniated disc operated on. And to be quickly fired.

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    Branko Boskovic (2003-2006)

    Considered by many to be one of the great hopes of Serbian football, Branko Boskovic has never lived up to the expectations placed on him. To the point of being relegated to the bench by Fabrice Pancrate. Even his double at the Vélodrome in the Coupe de la Ligue does not make you forget everything.

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    Eric Cubilier (2003-2004)

    A suspect quality of centers and a confusing slowness: that’s a lot for a side.

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    Reinaldo (2003-2005)

    And to say the PSG had the choice between Adriano and Reinaldo at the time of his arrival from Flamengo …

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    Marino Bright (2004-2005)

    Heavy, slow, Marino Helder is most often suffering from strikers in Ligue 1. One year, 16 matches and then leaves to finish his retirement in Larissa.

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    Stéphane Pichot (2004-2006)

    Seen to his advantage in Lille, Stéphane Pichot is unrecognizable in Paris, chaining any services in his right lane.

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    Carlos Bueno (2005-2007)

    Watch out for false friends of the Spanish language. If his suspension by FIFA a few weeks after his arrival did not help, his performances in attack either.

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    Serguei Semak (2005-2006)

    If Serguei Semak split from a hat-trick at the Parc des Princes, it is with CSKA Moscow in the Champions League a few months before his signature at PSG. In the end, the Russian scored only one goal in 31 matches for Paris before returning to Russia.

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    David Hellebuyck (2006-2007)

    Author of calamitous performances, David Hellebuyck is regularly relegated to CFA by Guy Lacome, who nevertheless brought him in.

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    Albert Banning (2006-2010)

    Staying four years at PSG, Albert Banning only played five matches. Regularly loaned, the Cameroonian midfielder does not convince anyone and finally leaves, free, four years after his arrival.

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    Marcelo Gallardo (2007)

    Arrived at PSG to revive a Parisian team in difficulty, Marcelo Gallardo, returned from Argentina, is only the shadow of the player who shone in Monaco a few years before.

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    Apoula Edel (2007-2011)

    Whoever wanted to become the best goalkeeper in the world when he arrived has at least become the worst goalkeeper in the history of PSG. Blame it on a mess of dumplings. Even if he considers having only done 3 …

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    Mateja Kezman (2008-2010)

    Landed at PSG to break everything, Mateja Kezman especially shone by his clumsiness in the capital. The former PSV scoring machine has nonetheless succeeded in his gesture when throwing his jersey against Bordeaux.

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    Everton Santos (2008-2011)

    He claimed to be compared to Robinho in Brazil. His teammates quickly renamed him « Jean-Claude Robignaud », unable to show himself to his advantage against a CFA.

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    Willamis Souza (2008-2009)

    Arrived in the last hours of the winter transfer window with Everton, Willamis Souza showed a little more than his compatriot. It was difficult to do worse and the right midfielder remains a hell of a panic-buy.

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    Jean-Eudes Maurice (2008-2014)

    Jean-Eudes course, course …

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    Diego Lugano (2011-2013)

    Captain of Uruguay, third in the 2010 World Cup, Diego Lugano arrives at PSG to become the leader of the Parisian defense. He will remain for the Parisian supporters the slowest player in the history of the club.

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    Mohamed Sissoko (2011-2013)

    Among the first recruits of the Qatari era, Mohamed Sissoko arrives to bring all his experience. But repeated injuries decide otherwise.

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    Grzegorz Krychowiak (2016-2019)

    Arrived in Unai Emery’s suitcases from Sevilla, the Pole only played 19 matches with PSG. At 27.5 million euros, excess baggage is expensive.

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    Hatem Ben Arfa

    Landed free in the summer of 2016, Hatem Ben Arfa never met the expectations placed on him. Judged out of form by Unia Emery, the native of Clamart then alienated the Parisian leaders, being left to stay more than a year without playing.

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    Jesé Rodriguez

    Still on loan last season, Jesé is deadlocked. And PSG finally managed to terminate his contract.

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