Three CFCM federations decide to sign a Charter requested by the government

The atmosphere had been tense for several weeks within the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM), weighed down by differences of views on the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior, in particular on the creation of a National Council of Imams. Gérald Darmanin had stepped up the pressure by announcing the “death” of the CFCM on December 13. In response, three federations announced on Saturday their decision to sign the « Charter of the principles of Islam in France », a text wanted by the government and which they qualify as a « perfectible compromise ».

« By this solemn act we invite in all fraternity all the member federations of the CFCM to come together within this unique body which is and will remain our common home, we are convinced of it », indicate in a joint statement the Turkish federations of the Committee coordination of Turkish Muslims in France (CCMTF) and Millî Görüs as well as the Faith and Practice movement, close to the rigorist preachers of the Tabligh.

Reaffirm the « compatibility » of Islam with the Republic

The “Charter of Principles for Islam in France” demanded by the executive, which proscribes “interference” by foreign states and notably reaffirms the “compatibility” of Islam with the French Republic or equality between men -women. In January 2021, when the leaders of the CFCM announced that they had reached an agreement on this charter, the CCMTF, CIMG France and Foi et Pratique refused to sign it, criticizing a lack of consultation upstream of the text and its content, and considered that ‘it risked « weakening » confidence in Muslims.

The three federations had however remained within the CFCM, historical interlocutor of the public authorities on the Muslim religion, while four others, including the Mosque of Paris, had decided to leave the office of the CFCM and to create a « Coordination ». The « divergence » expressed by the three federations was « dangerously instrumentalized to give rise to a climate of division harmful to Muslims in France », they write to explain their initiative intended to « free themselves from a responsibility that is unfairly ours. attributed ”.

« Our major concern is to work for the unity of Muslims in France and for national cohesion in the respect of the principles and values ​​of the Republic, battered in breach in these difficult times », they assure.

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