Weather forecast: rainy but mild Sunday

Lhe weather on Sunday will be rainy and fairly mild over a large part of the territory, according to Météo-France forecasts. Grayness will be present over a large part of the country in the morning. Fog banks will be expected in Val de Saône. Light rains will occur in the first part of the day from Poitou to the North-East and over the Hauts-de-France.

They will shift to Burgundy and Alsace in the afternoon. Elsewhere, light showers will be possible and some showers will fall on the west facade. From the south of the Garonne to Provence, the clearings will make a comeback. The weather will still be disturbed on Corsica with rain, especially on the west of the island. The sky will remain gray from the southwest to the center-east, with scattered rains that may fall during the day. In the evening, a disturbance will arrive from the west and give rainy weather on the west facade overnight.

Light frosts will be possible locally in Auvergne. The minimum will be between 2 and 6 degrees North-East in Normandy, 6 to 11 degrees in the rest of the country. In the afternoon, we will wait between 7 and 13 degrees in the northern half, 10 to 17 degrees in the south, up to 18 in the south of Aquitaine.

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