Anne Hidalgo, a poster to relaunch her campaign

The socialist presidential candidate presented her campaign poster on Sunday.

« Reunite France » is the slogan chosen by Anne Hidalgo for the presidential election of 2022. The socialist candidate also presented her campaign poster on Sunday, which shows her smiling during her meeting in Perpignan on December 12 last. She holds two hands, those of Hermeline Malherbe, the president of the Departmental Council of Pyrénées-Orientales, and of Carole Delga, president of the Occitanie region. That day, she proclaimed a « No Pasaran » (« to the candidates of intolerance » against whom she promoted a « just » and « united » France.

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Only credited with 3 to 7% of voting intentions

“I am the candidate of an anger that I want to turn into hope. (…) I want a France that is just because united, a France united because it is just, ”she declared, in front of a thousand people gathered at the Palais des Congrès in Perpignan, a city held by the RN. “I come,” they say, “to a stronghold of the extreme right, in a hostile environment, in a city doomed to retreat. But there is no stronghold in France, there is no private preserve, no forbidden land. There is only one Republic! ”She said.

Credited with only 3 to 7% of the voting intentions in the polls, Anne Hidalgo wants a primary from the left to try to emerge. She clearly opposed an end to a withdrawal of her candidacy if Christiane Taubira presented herself. « It is an additional candidacy, and me in my case I propose a primary of the left », affirmed on the subject of a possible withdrawal the mayor of Paris. « The population wants it, you have 85% of French women and men who say they are on the left who call this primary », she explained.

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