Avian influenza: six new farms affected in the Landes

The birds concerned were culled in a preventive manner. In the region, a restricted area has been defined.

The avian flu virus was detected in six new duck farms in the south-east of the Landes, bringing the total of outbreaks of the virus in the department to seven, we learned Monday from the prefecture and the Chamber of Agriculture. Among these different farms, five are located in Mant and one in Castelner, two towns bordering the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, where another outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza was confirmed on Friday in the town of Malaussanne.

According to Marie-Hélène Cazaubon, president of the Landes Chamber of Agriculture, all the ducks on these farms, “sheltered indoors since the start of their breeding« , Were culled preventively from the first suspected cases on Friday.

A regulated zone has been defined in 34 municipalities in the Landes, in perimeters of 3 km (protection zone) and 10 km (surveillance zone) around these new outbreaks, the prefecture said in a decree. In the Landes, a first case of avian flu was confirmed on December 19 in Hastingues, further west in the department, after several other outbreaks reported in farms in the Nord department and one in neighboring Gers.

« Very vigilant »

«Having the animals in the shelter does not prevent the introduction of the virus (in the farms) but minimizes its diffusion. You have to be very vigilant, but also remain confident, because we are not in the same situation as the previous crisis”Said Marie-Hélène Cauzaubon, herself a duck breeder.

Brought by migratory birds that come into contact with poultry, the virus was first identified on November 26 in the North, in the town of Warhem where 160,000 laying hens were reared in buildings. From the beginning of November, the health authorities had asked all producers in mainland France to confine their poultry in order to avoid contact with migratory birds. France has been affected by three bird flu epizootics since the end of 2015. That of last winter affected 15 departments and led to the slaughter of 3.5 million farmed poultry.


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