Cantal: a doctor condemned for having fabricated false health passes

The man, who acted in complicity with his son, was notably sentenced to six months in prison.

Tuesday, December 14, a Cantal doctor was sentenced to six months in prison suspended as well as a fine of 40,000 euros and a ban on practicing his profession for the next five years for having made 35 fake health passes free of charge, said to Webrema the Aurillac prosecutor’s office, confirming information from The mountain .

The case came to light after the dissemination of a report from the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes to the public prosecutor of Aurillac, who immediately opened an investigation. The doctor in question, although retired, officiated in nursing homes located in Aurillac and Vic-sur-Cère, in Cantal.

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Falsifications in the Ameli system

Placed in police custody, the practitioner quickly recognized the facts. He confirmed to have made several false passes for the benefit, mainly, of some of his acquaintances, as well as that of his son. Questioned during the hearing, this retiree would have tried to justify his gesture by affirming to estimate that the vaccine could be likened to a « genetical therapy», Reports West France .

To forge these false passes, he always operated in the same way: « He entered the Ameli system and, being a doctor, could indicate a date of vaccination and a vaccination batch number from the insured’s social security number. He himself benefited from a false health pass», Specified at Webrema Paolo Giambiasi, adding that this individual had also admitted to falsifying a PCR test.

But the man was not acting alone. His son’s role was to put him in touch with people interested in these fraudulent passes. The latter was fined 3,000 euros, including 1,500 suspended for « complicity by assistance ». He himself had benefited from a false pass, provided by his father.

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