Charente: a “gender” budget for gender equality

« CUnlike criticism from our detractors, we will not split our € 600 million budget in half. »The various left-wing majority arrived at the head of the Charente department last June defends in the columns of the Parisian its proposal for a “gendered” budget intended to determine the impact and effectiveness of public spending on equality between women and men.

The first vice-president in charge of finance, Jean-François Dauré, explains that the department intends to « scrutinize all its expenses to correct discrimination ». Each decision will be analyzed from this angle, whether it concerns sports subsidies, integration policies or the development of public space in colleges, explains The Parisian. The president of the departmental council, Philippe Bouty, affirms: “We wish to initiate the ecological transition and social justice concomitantly and thus initiate an evaluation of our public policies from the start of our mandate. « 

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A « cosmetic » decision for the opposition

For his predecessor, now in opposition, this decision is « cosmetic ». « This budget genre, it is marketing to hide the absence of novelties, he denounces. We have searched the accounts in recent days, they have not been damned to find a single concrete example! « 

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To these accusations, Jean-François Dauré replies that this budget will make it possible to find « solutions to restore the balance, not necessarily equality, but at least fairness » and denounces the criticisms of a « conservative and patriarchal right-wing » . He believes that this type of budget will be generalized to all communities in France in the years to come. For now, the Charente has called on a specialized firm and is giving itself « three or four years to acquire the right methodology and apply it to all its skills ».

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