Communication errors – Emmanuel Macron’s « macronades »

EIn principle, it should never have slipped. When he reached the Élysée in May 2017, Emmanuel Macron had not yet celebrated his 40th birthday. The youngest President of the Republic of all time is well aware of the intricacies of com today. He masters its codes and uses. He knows that TikTok is not a little colored candy from the confectioner Ferrero. And yet, he too, like the others, is guilty of largely preventable mistakes. Worse, he puts them on like pearls, without batting an eyelid, as he moves, when the microphones reach out to him.

There had already been some premonitory slippage. We remember that in September 2014, the person who had just been bombed Minister of Economy by his protector at the time, François Hollande, had let himself go and …

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