Covid 19: a « small disaster » avoided for French handball players

The French handball team, since Sunday in preparation for Euro 2022 (January 13-30) and hit hard by the explosion of cases of Covid-19, avoided a « small disaster« , Estimated Monday the doctor of the Blues. In addition to tests before the 24th, the players summoned to the France team were tested, then « isolated immediately in single rooms« Until the result of these new tests, »which made it possible to avoid a first small disaster« , Judged Dr. Pierre Sébastien by videoconference Monday.

«It was discovered that among the people summoned, three more players tested positive and even a member of the staff“, He detailed. After Nikola Karabatic, Benoît Kounkoud and Yannis Lenne, initially summoned but positive for the coronavirus, the Federation (FFHBH) announced on Sunday that five new players, including the Olympic champion Hugo Descat, were in turn positive.

New tests Tuesday

A new round of tests on Tuesday should confirm that the thirteen players who entered the health bubble and who started training on Monday are indeed negative. Reinforcements are expected, but these new players « will enter with the same entry protocol in the group« , Underlined the doctor of the France team. « We avoided the cluster, because we set up an isolation procedure before the results of the tests« , He insisted.

«In the context of an explosion of cases in recent days, it was necessary to ensure the arrival of players already tested negative, supported coach Guillaume Gille. Which delays the arrival of reinforcements a little.» «Today, we are a little handicapped to play handball in large spaces and to occupy all the positions.“, He admitted, especially in the absence of a left winger.

«The work is of high quality even if we are small and it’s complicated to do six against six« , Noted for his part Captain Valentin Porte.


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