Covid-19: Eddy de Pretto’s offbeat response to the announcement of a gauge of 2,000 people indoors

The singer criticized on social networks the executive’s decision to ban standing concerts and to reinstate a gauge for indoor gatherings, a measure that does not apply for political meetings.

A measure that does not pass. Singer Eddy de Pretto reacted on social media Monday night to the upcoming reinstatement of a 2,000-person gauge for indoor gatherings. A decision taken by the executive which also decided to ban concerts for three weeks in the face of the meteoric progression of the epidemic, now carried by the Omicron variant.

The interpreter of Party too many or Bateaux Mouches criticized this new restriction, which does not apply to political meetings, protected by constitutional law. A « mega joke » for Eddy de Pretto who proposed with humor his candidacy for the presidential election in order to circumvent the health measure.

« I present myself as President of the Republic », tweeted the singer this Monday evening, resuming the dates of his tour to transform them into political meetings.

Reactions from the cultural world

Several other personalities from the world of culture such as the humorist Jérémy Ferrari, the singer Hoshi and the singer Julien Doré reacted to the introduction of this gauge indoors.

In addition, the government announced the reinstatement of a 5,000-person gauge for outdoor gatherings for a period of three weeks.

Hugues Garnier Webrema reporter

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