Covid-19: the world of culture fears having to lower the curtain again

Faced with an increase in Covid-19 cases, professionals in the culture sector fear having to close their theaters again.

A few hours before the new Defense Council on Monday, and faced with an increase in Covid-19 cases, professionals in the culture sector fear having to lower the curtain again.

Should the government close places of culture? For the viewers that Webrema has met, no doubt the answer is no. « We are against the closing of theaters. We are not tight, we keep a distance, we do not discuss with the person next door … », assures this couple. « It’s good for everyone, for the artists, and for us, » adds another person.

« If I don’t have this anymore, I have nothing »

While in Denmark and Belgium, such restrictions have already been adopted, French professionals are worried.

« I do shows with spectators. If I don’t have that anymore, I have nothing, I no longer work », underlines Philippe Lafeuille, director of Car/Men. « It also takes away work from my dancers, my technicians … that’s 40 employees in all ».

« I try to tell myself that if we manage to respect everything, to be constant on the vaccination and the health protocol, we will continue to be able to play, » said Alexis Trias, director of the Théâtre Livre in Paris.

« A curfew is terrifying »

A little further, in a cinema whose doors reopened last May, attendance fell by 29% compared to a « normal » year. Claudine Cornillat, the director of this establishment, fears other measures.

« A curfew is terrifying. As, already, attendance is not great, it would be complicated, » she explains.

As a reminder, places of culture, theaters, cinemas, but also museums, had closed in spring 2020, and from October 30, 2020 to May 19, 2021. They had gradually reopened, with a system of gauges.

Nawal Bonnefoy with the Culture department

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