Dispute, Covid-19 and rotten gifts … You told us about your Christmas « fails »

The whole family had Covid-19 except you, who are 12 years old, have not yet been vaccinated. So you spent Christmas alone and wrote to us « frankly, it’s not funny ». Know, Louis, schoolboy from Seine-Saint-Denis, that you are not alone. The author of his lines saw his godson contract the virus only two weeks before December 25 … Casting doubt on a Christmas with grandma. And like you, thousands of Twittos have despaired of having a positive Christmas alone and dozens of readers of 20 Minutes spent New Years Eve alone in bed (double the penalty). A Christmas « slammed to the ground ». Nothing else.

And if there was only this « asshole virus » as Renaud says to play the spoilsport, that would be great. But, for some, the idea of ​​fading once again Uncle René and his jokes of the year two or that of receiving a « shit gift » would make them prefer to be in the skin of John McClane. For them, stepping on crushed glass or rescuing hostages from a burning tower is nothing compared to a completely “What the Fuck” holiday season.


“For several years now I’ve been telling myself that I should close my eyes on December 20 and only reopen them on January 4. That I would have to slip away far, loose friend Céline, 35 years old. Every year it’s the same delirium. My grandmother who eats almonds when she knows she is allergic and my uncles and aunts who are arguing and accusing everyone. It’s hell. Knowing that every year my brother persists in offering me a toothbrush with the head of Trump or Chirac or a toilet broom supposedly in « solid gold ». The stuff is just golden. I can’t take any more. « 

« I would have preferred to be directly in 2022 »

We sympathize with Celine, know that. And we offer a hug, barrier gestures to Thierry, our faithful reader who took the time to respond to our call for testimonials: “A dozen years ago, I was recently released from the hospital. I had been diagnosed with a serious illness. At Christmas, a loved one gave me both best of Beatles, but not the originals, eh, pirated copies made from… CDs (originals, them) that I had given him a year or two earlier. « . Hello stinginess (and Alzheimer’s by the way).

“This year, Christmas was really slammed to the ground,” Laurent says. Our internet user had been positive for Covid-19 since the 19th, his wife « since the 17th », his « cousin and her spouse since the 16th ». “Everything that was planned for New Year’s Eve fell through. On the 24th, there were only two of us with the animals, ”explains our reader. « I would have preferred to be directly in 2022, but we must keep smiling because otherwise it’s over, » he continues a bit.

And to crack the pear, Laurent scrolls on Twitter. « Just the day when we had a mix of the 7th company and the Mad Bidassses, it relaxes », rejoices our witness in reference to the Vigipirate soldiers who got stuck in a field next to a migrant camp in Calais. Since then the Army has announced that it has opened an investigation. There are others who have spent a « burst December 25 », to use the expression of Saana, 21 years old. “This year I bled myself. After two years of the pandemic, I wanted to please the family. I fell in love, I even went to the Galleries. And two days after I spent more than 500 bucks, my family announces « no presents, we keep our pennies ». I tried everything to make them change their minds but apparently my sister, who is completely broke, has more weight than me, ”says the young woman who admits to“ having the seum ”while her sister has resolved to buy him « Haribo candy ».

Same fight on the side of Zoe who has quite simply decided « to cancel Christmas this year ». She explains: “We are four people. We usually meet at my house every year. I make them a feast and we exchange beautiful gifts. This year my sister-in-law decided (with her mother therefore) not to give Christmas presents. I understand, after all the cost of living has gone up a lot. Except that a few days later, I learn that they are giving each other gifts and that my sister-in-law will as usual give a present to her friend and her two goddaughters. In fact, my partner (his brother) and I are excluded. »Anger, Zoe canceled the traditional meal. « No arms, no chocolate », slices our Internet user.

« We never ate the log »

Diaz has also put aside the family reunion to avoid another rather tense Christmas. Last year, she was fried with « her daughter-in-law »: « Midnight, opening of the presents. I offer my beautiful daughter who has just given birth plenty of gifts and pajamas that should shrink after the first wash so I plan a XXXL. She opens it and gets up abruptly, throwing the package away and says to me: « you who have ALWAYS been a hypocrite, that’s enough! » Diaz, who also had the right to settle scores with her son, has since been « devastated. » “To date, I have no explanations. My daughter-in-law and I always avoid the subject. We never ate the log and the last two days spent together were a punishment, continues our reader who admits to remaining very « suspicious » of her beautiful daughter. « Unless there is a miracle, we will not do something new with old, » she concludes.

There remains Sébastien, the 45-year-old friend from the South, who has also made a point of himself. After having guessed that his boyfriend was cheating on him, he booked a « cannon » lodge in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence to play the hermit. « The reservation has been canceled I do not know for what reason and I can not reach the host », explains the quadra who finally spent Christmas alone when he had « not even taken the full to make a fir « . Finally, let’s not forget our contributor Illico Presto who accuses us of having « sabotaged » on December 25th. But still slipping that Christmas, it was better before… just in Besançon. “There is no longer Santa Claus and the City is doing everything to upset the people of this holiday. And then with feminists, sooner or later we will see the arrival of Mother Christmas ”, continues our reader who got married on December 15 and ends his testimony with“ death is watching us all ”. Thank you Besançon for the joy of living, and especially Happy New Year.

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