During the lull of the first containment, what struck the whole world was to hear the birds singing, to smell the spring flowers, to observe the dolphins swimming in the sleeping harbors. More nature on a daily basis, such is the shared wish of employees. In 2021, 80% of French people live in cities or on the outskirts, in a dense context where plants are rare. The possibilities of reconnecting with greenery and peace are limited. Teleworking opens up a real breach. A study published at the end of March 2021 by the Cetelem Observatory affirms that in the future the generalization of teleworking is desired by more than seven in ten French people (72%) and more than eight teleworkers in ten (81%). The employees surveyed would appreciate being able to work at least from time to time in a third place (49%), elsewhere than at home. and community life are now being established more and more frequently in peri-urban areas and in the countryside. Salary nomadism is a new horizon, for working people as well as for political actors and employers. Melchior is a good example. This magnificent mansion, with a park and surrounded by vineyards, is located just twenty minutes from the center of Lyon and is enjoying growing success. Coworking is supported by the metropolis of Lyon and launched by elected officials from the village of Charly, who see this opportunity as another dynamic for the region. Here, the lawn is transformed into an open space in fine weather. Read also: The Lépine competition rewards a coffee table that can be transformed into a teleworking station « I go there three or four times a month, » explains Juliette, 35, business manager in communications. It allows me to take the air without feeling guilty, to phone under the trees. When I come home, I am calmer, it’s a work hygiene. Coworking in nature is a booming alternative. To each his own style. Because if Melchior plays on the chatelain effect, the 100th Monkey, located fifteen minutes from the center of Toulouse, declares himself « half-firm, half-office ». It is coupled with the neighboring field, used as a place for training in agricultural professions and ecological transition. For those who simply want a rural horizon and an Internet connection, it offers social links. Here, a lunch on the grass instead of the cantoche in the basement; there, a DIY workshop of pallet furniture replaces the cigarette or coffee machine breaks.This trend towards the country-style computer is accelerated by a pandemic episode which has blown up some psychological barriers, as revealed by the study of the company Citrix France, specialist in virtual collaboration tools. After almost two years of global health crisis, only 35% of French employees believe that living in a big city has a positive effect on their professional career, against 43% before March 2020. In other words, the campaign is no longer this career-killing desert that it could have been. Rural areas are better and better equipped with fiber optics and coworking spaces where you can structure your time and socialize. This coworking is also a test, a middle way between working people who choose to settle permanently in the countryside and those who want to stay in the city but get closer to nature. In Charly, coworking is launched by the elected representatives of the village. and supported by the metropolis of Lyon For them there has also recently been a brand new solution, that of the all-inclusive coworking, however closer to the hippie community than to Club Med. This is Paatch’s proposal, imagined in 2020 by Niels Rolland, 27, as a post-Covid concept. “In computer language,” explains the entrepreneur, “a patch designates the correction of a bug. For me, it is necessary to put the notions of sharing, solidarity and nature back at the center of the workspace. ” The one-week sessions take place in Cap-Ferret, in a large all-wooden house of 400 square meters a few minutes from the beach, or in Morzine, at the foot of the Alps. The organization is based on living together, preparing meals and board game evenings. The bedrooms and bathrooms are private and the workspace is shared. « Make no mistake, it’s very studious, » says Benoît, a young IT executive who chose this formula to escape the spleen of his 40 square meters in Paris, with the agreement of his company, which has definitively switched to a remote organization. The exchange is structured around the skills of each person, the services provided, the sharing of networks, moments of life that weave a common experience. « It is an ideal oxygenation for employees and the self-employed, those in their thirties without children, parents in shared custody, homeless people in the country who make up a large part of the urban population, ”underlines Niels Rolland. Also designed on the principle of a week in a group, El Capitan welcomes thirty-year-olds two hours from Paris, in Normandy, who wonder about deruralization by picking up the neighbor’s apples between two Teams sessions. Take your computer under your arm and the key to the fields could end up changing the face of France. Information on melchiorcoworking.fr, le100esinge.com, paat.ch and elcapitan.fr. – Telecommuting takes over

In a world where ecological issues are vital, nature has become a key factor for employees and the self-employed. Leaves at t …

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