Fall Guys: the colorful battle royale about to be released on PS5?

Game news Fall Guys: the colorful battle royale about to be released on PS5?

The madness of the battle royale never ends! A real phenomenon when it was released in the summer of 2020, Fall Guys continues its path with a series of successive seasons, each more festive and wacky than the last! While the Xbox and Switch versions are long overdue, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is about to welcome Mediatonic’s multicolored crush!

Shortly after the first deconfinement, as one part of the world relishes the gradual lifting of restrictions, another prepares to throw a spade in the road with Mediatonic’s latest production, Fall Guys : Ultimate Knockout. The game, which uses the simple principle of the battle royale, was a phenomenal success during this period, so much so that Epic Games did not hesitate for long before releasing the checkbook and buying the studio behind this creation.

Unfortunately, if the game delighted the players PC and PlayStation 4 – and still continues, by the way! -, the same cannot be said of those who operate on Microsoft’s ecosystems, namely Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo with the Switch. More than a year after its release, and while the game is currently celebrating its sixth season since last November, the output on these supports, as well as on new generation, is long overdue. But Sony’s latest machine could be the first to qualify for a potential leak.

Madness soon on PS5?

Two days ago, the Twitter account of the PlayStation Game Size site relayed information, unearthed by them, according to which a new beta phase for Fall Guys : Ultimate Knockout would have been added to the database of the PS5. This discovery was even accompanied by a thumbnail of the game bearing the inscription « Beta », as can be seen in the tweet below. However, it would not be open to the public!

The one that quickly positioned itself as the most downloaded title in PlayStation Plus history would be about to land on PlayStation 5 in the hopes of convincing former players to get back to it or converting others to its general chaos. Namely that the title would benefit from a Game Boost function as well as backward compatibility if it were to be available on Sony’s latest machine, allowing gamers to have better performance and not go back to the cash register.

Fall Guys: the colorful battle royale about to be released on PS5?

While the other versions are lagging behind, the developers at Mediatonic seem to have made PS5 a priority. One way to prepare the ground before the launch of the other versions? This is possible given that the studio is also working on the development of crossplay features in order to bring together all the players in frenzied games.

All this remains to be confirmed, but the potential arrival of a PS5 would be encouraging news when it comes to the game’s release on the remaining media: It looks like 2022 marks a new beginning for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!

Fall Guys: the colorful battle royale about to be released on PS5?

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