Family vlog, cyberstalking … Who was this youtubeuse who disappeared at the age of 32?

« Rest in peace my beautiful », « you were a magnificent mother », « I enjoyed following you during these years », « thank you for having sunny days with your smile ». Since the announcement of the death of Mava Chou last Thursday, messages of tribute have multiplied in the comments of his latest video. A video posted ten days earlier, in which this vlogger with 150,000 subscribers on YouTube (and more than 90,000 on Instagram), answered various questions from her community. « Why are you not badly absent these last days and these last weeks? », We asked him in particular.

“As I have shown, lately it’s not in great shape. In fact, it hasn’t been in great shape for about two years, with its ups and downs. There are days when things are going to go very well and days when things are going to go very badly (…) I need to fold in on myself to be able to refocus on myself and be able to pull myself together « , confided Maëva Frossard, of his real name, which had just turned 32.

For several years, the young woman shared her daily life on her YouTube channel and social networks. The day after his death, the causes of which are not known, The Parisian reported that the young woman had been the victim of cyberstalking for several months.

A family vlog since 2015

Mava Chou posted her first videos on her YouTube channel in 2015, alongside her then-husband, now known as Adrien Vlog & Blabla. Together, they share their daily life there and that of their four children. In 2018, reports TVMag, the family is in the spotlight thanks to its participation in the show We traded our moms on NT1. The education of this mother is described there as « perfectionist and strict ». “This conception of education is shared by his companion Adrien. But if Maëva dispenses with the principles of old-fashioned living, that does not prevent the family from being well in its time. These fused parents are ultra-connected. They even have their own YouTube channel, on which they share their lifestyle, ”explains the program, as reported by TVMag.

The couple separated a few years later and it was alone that Mava Chou continued her vlogging activities. On her website, she presents herself as follows: “Mother of 5 children (4 are with me on earth and 1 is looking at us from the sky) I share with you my joys and my sorrows. Maybe you will be able to recognize yourself in one or more of my videos, so you will know that you are not alone. Sharing is beneficial for everyone and I hope to pass on ideas, tips through my channel. In her videos, the young woman gave advice on decoration, cooking, storage or promoted household appliances or children’s toys to her thousands of subscribers. She also confided in it about her love life or her moods, like her last video.

« Maëva was the victim of harassment in packs on social networks »

« I have a lot of personal concerns, physically it is not in great shape either, which means that I prefer not to film or not to intervene on social networks as long as things do not go a little better », explained Mava Chou on December 15, without giving more details. Ten days later, her best friend Marion announced her disappearance on Facebook in a message « validated by her family ». “I regret to announce the death of Maëva, which occurred yesterday at the end of the day. I ask you to respect his family by not trying to find out more. It only concerns those close to him. Just have a thought for her and especially for her children, ”she wrote.

The next day, the YouTuber Jeremstar testified in an Instagram post of the discomfort that affected the young woman: “Since 2015, Maëva was the victim of harassment in packs on social networks and at the heart of incessant controversies. Recently we had made contact and she confided in me. She could no longer bear the permanent hatred she received and lamented that the judicial institutions were so slow. I remember an audio tape that she recently sent me in which she said: « one day there is going to be a tragedy, it is not for lack of having alerted ». We had been talking a lot lately and Maëva could no longer bear the surge of hatred she suffered on a daily basis. « 

A cyberbullying of which The Parisian reported last spring in an article titled #MavaChou: when internet fame turns into a nightmare. According to the newspaper, the couple that Mava Chou formed with her ex-husband had been the target of criticism for several years. Similarly, the two YouTubers have reportedly suffered harassment and cyberstalking campaigns since their separation. Two clans of Internet users would have been formed, taking sides with one or the other, against the backdrop of divorce and custody proceedings around the children. Anonymous calls were even made to their school and Mava Chou’s home was reportedly spied on.

A complaint filed before his death

Sunday, AFP revealed that the young woman had filed a complaint a few days before her death. « A complaint was lodged in the name of Maëva and her new spouse for moral harassment and provocation to suicide against her ex-husband and against X. Unfortunately the complaint left the day of his death », told AFP Me Stéphane Giuranna, lawyer in Epinal, confirming information from the daily Vosges Morning. He added that Mava Chou had already, because of the attacks targeting her on the Internet, submitted five complaints directly to the police station since May 2020, « but they had not given anything ».

For his part, Adrien Czajczynski, her former spouse, spoke in a video on YouTube. He claims to have « done everything [son] possible to prevent the children from going through this kind of situation ”and to have“ done everything that was in [son] power to alert the situation ”. “Yes I am sorry, yes I am touched. Despite the conflicts, animosity and resentment, Maëva is and will remain the mother of my four children, ”he says.

He then continues on the accusations and messages received since the death of Mava Chou. “In the midst of mourning, I was able to observe that once again the interests of the children were not your priority, you, however, sometimes mothers of families. You judge, you accuse, and much worse still under cover of anonymity and sacrosanct freedom of expression. Slander, defamation, insults, death threats, everything goes without any conscience. (…) For two years, we have been victims of daily and massive harassment that I have denounced on numerous occasions. In addition to threats and insults, you contact employers, town halls, schools. How far will you go? He asks. Finally, he says he will « never let this kind of behavior pass again », and that the insults and accusations « will not be without consequences ».

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