Football: The poignant tears of an old supporter upon discovering his Christmas present

LE SCAN SPORT – The venerable Atlético de Madrid fan was overcome with emotion on New Years Eve.

Moving, the sequence perfectly illustrates the endless power of passion. On Christmas Eve, an Atlético de Madrid supporter filmed his grandfather’s reaction to opening one of his presents after the festive dinner. Before even discovering the contents of the package, the patriarch takes his head in his hands and bursts into tears when he finds the logo of his club always on the box.

A member of his family then helps him open the case which contains a retro jersey of the Madrid football team. And not just any. This is the tunic worn by the Colchoneros in the 1939-1940 season with which they won the first of their eleven Spanish championship titles. At the time, the favorite team of this venerable supporter was called Atlético Aviación Madrid and the logo featured wings, in reference to the national aviation club that had joined Atlético from 1939 to 1947.

Like a Proust madeleine, the red and white striped tunic with long sleeves visibly brought back many memories to this grandfather, moved to tears at his gift. « To understand what is going on, you have to have cried at the Calderon, my house, or at the Metropolitano, where my grandfather cried while holding my father’s hand.“Writes the author of the tweet, referring to the matches experienced by his family in the various stadiums of Atlético.


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