For his 50th birthday, Jared Leto shows his muscles

Jared Leto posted a picture of himself, shirtless, on his fiftieth birthday.

Hard to believe, but Jared Leto is indeed celebrating his fiftieth birthday. The American actor posted Sunday his oiled muscles on his Instagram account to thank his « followers ». “Thanks for all the birthday wishes,” the “House of Gucci” star wrote. A photo of him, holding a multicolored cake while lounging shirtless in an armchair, accompanies his thanks.

In the image, Jared Leto has fake blood flowing from his mouth, which suggests that the snapshot was taken when he was taking a break from filming his upcoming movie « Morbius », in which he plays a vampire. . The film follows the story of a doctor who unwittingly becomes infected with vampirism while desperately trying to cure himself of a deadly blood disease.

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Hours later, Jared Leto shared an old snapshot of his mother getting pregnant with him. “Me and my mother in Louisiana. Born at 2:36 pm in 1971. She made the dress herself with old fabrics, ”he captioned.

The day before, Jared Leto had shared a photo of him, revealing part of his chest behind his denim shirt, Christmas hat screwed on his head.

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