Getting started with the Surpass, an electric bike with a formidable price-performance ratio

With its sharp price and comprehensive services, the Surpass is one of the bestsellers of the moment. Futura wanted to get to the bottom of it by riding this electric city bike.

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The French are more and more fond of bicycles, and in particular electric-assisted bicycles. Last year, 515,000 VAE were sold in France, which represents an increase annual by 29% (source: USC). There is every reason to rejoice in this craze, both from the point of view of health and the eco-responsible behavior it induces. The other good news is that this democratization of the electric bicycle is accelerating thanks to more and more affordable models. The only thing is, this market is like any other: not all entry-level pedelecs are created equal, far from it! It is for this reason that Futura was interested in Surpass. Sold exclusively at Cdiscount at 549 euros, this electrically assisted bicycle intended for urban use meets a big success and is positioned as a relevant choice for all those who want to adopt soft mobility, whether it is for daily journeys such as “vélotaf” or for a leisure ride. A tempting promise that we wanted to verify with a good grip.

Ready to ride in 10 minutes

Buying a bicycle on the Internet rather than at a bicycle dealer can be a source of some apprehension, especially when it is your first electric bicycle. Will it be shipped in good condition? Will there be an important and complex assembly work to do yourself? How are warranty repairs handled?

I want to get the Surpass bike!

The Surpass was delivered to us by carrier, packed in a cardboard box securely stowed vertically on a pallet. When opening the box, we saw that it was well wedged and protected at all exposed parts of the frame.

The Surpass is delivered almost ready to drive. Once the protections are removed, all that remains is to mount the pedals, align the handlebars and adjust its height. All the necessary tools are provided in the kit. It took us less than ten minutes to get our bike ready for its first rounds of the wheels, after checking the tire inflation and seat height. The manufacturer recommends carrying out a full charge before first use, as is the case with all electric bikes. For our part, we advise to make a small check of all the tightening (wheels, handlebars, brakes, derailleur …) after the first exit then after a hundred kilometers, which is customary with all the new bikes. Cdiscount works with a service provider who takes care of the repairs provided for in the warranty (two years parts and labor), at home when the geographical situation allows it, or nearby.

A bike that looks good

The other good surprise concerns the elegant style of the Surpass. We can only salute the effort made to design, with a desire to offer a real aesthetic signature where many entry-level pedelecs are confusingly banal. The matte black finish of the frame blends harmoniously with the brown of the seat, grips and tire sidewalls. The Surpass is a bike that we enjoy looking at and riding.

Neat assembly and finishes

This electric-assisted bike pleasantly surprised us with its level of finish and the quality of its assembly. Everything is well adjusted, the duct passages as well as the welds are clean. No squeaking or noises parasites disagreeable noises are not heard when driving. It is both satisfying and reassuring. The equipment is complete, with front / rear lighting, kickstand, mudguard, luggage rack and chain cover. For the transmission, there is a shifter / shifter assembly Shimano, one of the main suppliers in the cycle industry. It’s a guarantee of reliability and the assurance of easy maintenance on the duration thanks to the availability of spare parts. Disc brakes provide safer and more progressive braking than conventional pad brakes, especially in wet weather.

En that!

We tried the Surpass on various city trips between 3 and 15 kilometers, with climbs of up to 7%, which is quite steep. The manufacturer announces a range of 40 kilometers thanks to the 10 Ah battery installed on the rear rack and which can be removed. This maximum distance may vary depending on the profile of the route and the assistance mode used. There are three in all (plus a total cut), the most powerful stopping the electric assistance when you reach 25 km / h (legal limit set in Europe). Of course, nothing prevents reaching a speed higher by the sheer strength of his legs. The electric motor located in the rear wheel hub develops 45 Nm of torque. This is sufficient to ensure a easy start, even on slopes, from the first pedal stroke.

I want to get the Surpass bike!

In use, this eBike pleased us by its very quiet operation. The low-step frame makes it easy to get on and off the bike. The raised riding position promotes smooth pedaling. The spacious and comfortable saddle absorbs small irregularities in the road well. The assistance box controls naturally fall under the left thumb. The clearly readable LCD display indicates the assistance mode engaged which can be changed by pressing the appropriate button as well as the battery level. The lighting is activated by pressing the ignition button and is switched off in the same way.

The transmission Shimano six-speed provides consistent staging for urban use. We could pedal without ever having to force excessively and easily tackling fairly steep slopes. If it will not allow you to climb mountain passes, this VAE Surpass will accompany you without difficulty for all your urban journeys. In addition, the dynamism of the frame makes it possible to completely cut off the assistance on the flat portions and to pedal with a minimum of effort. Double advantage: save the battery as soon as possible and take the opportunity to exercise a little more. We were also able to ride 100% “muscular” without too much difficulty after removing the battery. The latter can be recharged easily from the mains using the supplied charger, either on the bike or anywhere if you take it with you.

Anti-theft marking

It goes without saying that investing in a good lock is essential. But you should know that each Surpass is recorded by the database Paravol which associates the serial number of the bicycle with its owner. This database can be consulted by the Paravol community who can help find a bike that has been stolen.

Futura’s opinion

The Surpass far exceeded our expectations. At 549 euros, difficult to find more complete and more efficient for those looking for an electric bicycle for their trips in town. The Surpass is as fun to look at as it is to use and offers unbeatable value for money. Especially since there is a way to significantly reduce the bill by accumulating state aid (capped at 200 €) with primes allocated by local authorities.

Article produced in partnership with the Cdiscount teams

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