Good deal on Amazon: the Krups Espresseria Latt Espress Silver coffee machine at -280 €!

Bean coffee machines allow you to make coffee that retains all its flavors. Coffee lovers should go to these machine models to enjoy good coffee at home. The Krups Espresseria Latt Espress Silver coffee machine drops dramatically on Amazon from € 729.99 to € 449.99, a good reason to afford it!

Presentation of the Krups Espresseria Latt Espress Silver coffee machine

This coffee machine is made in France, it has a large LCD touch screen that allows you to easily select the settings to obtain the coffee of your choice (espresso, full-bodied, long, two-cup coffee …). Several recipes are already pre-recorded for easier and faster use. It is possible to adjust the volume in the cup using the central dial. Make perfect drinks with great mastery, get a great cappuccino from freshly ground coffee beans at the touch of a button. Each step is optimized for the production of your drinks thanks to the Quattro Force system. The settings are precise, with the possibility of changing the temperature (3 levels) and several grinding settings. The aromas are revealed, you enjoy a coffee worthy of a professional, the machine has a combined hydraulic system with a 15 bar pump.

A powerful coffee machine

The Krups coffee machine is designed with impeccable quality thanks to numerous tests and controls for each stage of production. The metal grinder offers optimum grinding of the coffee beans, 3 different grinding fineness are possible to vary the taste of the coffee with great precision. The maintenance of the coffee machine is simple, which is an important point, the machine has an efficient self-cleaning hydraulic system and automatic cleaning, rinsing and descaling programs. The interface is intuitive, the machine guides you through the preparation of your drinks thanks to the LCD screen. Users seem to be happy with the quality of coffee offered by the Krups coffee machine.


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