« Grey’s Anatomy » – And a killer sowed panic in the hospital

Un a bustling hospital. A heroine who has just found out that she is pregnant. A killer armed with a pistol who walks the corridors. In May 2010, the final of Grey’s Anatomy gives the leading role to a widower determined to take revenge on the doctors he considers responsible for the death of his wife a few weeks earlier. A cliffhanger diluted over two episodes to close a sixth season facing a decline in interest from the faithful. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the series, intends to prove that Grey’s Anatomy has not said his last word, and to lightly pull the trigger to eliminate a few characters and increase the audiences.

When Emergency room encounter General Hospital. Grey’s Anatomy, has since its creation in 2004, combined with malice, for lack of delicacy, medical intrigues and romances with blood-red rose water to the delight of his fans. And we have to believe that the recipe is rather successful since it has just started its 18th year across the Atlantic.e season, a challenge in the world of so-called mainstream series. The secret of this longevity lies in a pronounced taste for ultra-dramatic cliffhangers, even if it means revisiting the medical sauce of the end of the season which has already proved their worth in the world of soaps of the 1980s, by pushing them to the extreme.

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In this regard, the cliffhanger of season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy has drawn briskly from the masters of the genre. A small dose of Western coast here, a small bite of Dynasty there, all enhanced by a few drops of Falcon Crest, the wine saga that has become a benchmark in the art of getting rid of characters who have reached the end of the race, or even unmanageable actors behind the scenes. Shamelessly and with the delicacy of a bulldozer.

Panic among white coats

End of season 6. Cliffhanger in two episodes which begins with the voice over of Meredith Gray: “The hospital was my church, my school, my home, my safe place, my sanctuary. I love this place. Correction: I loved this place. Because that day, Gary Clark (Michael O’Neill) arrives at the most famous hospital in Seattle, armed with a 9mm. His goal: to hide all the doctors on the staff, to avenge the death of his wife on an operating table. In his sights, literally, the white coats and in particular that of good old Dr Derek « Mamour » Shepherd played by soap opera star Patrick Dempsey.

Shonda Rhimes at the helm, there was no point in deluding yourself: this murderous crusade was going to claim victims and leave scars. It would have been bad to know the producer who, at the end of the previous season, had not hesitated to get rid of the sympathetic O’Malley present since the first episode of the series, by pushing him without qualms under a bus . Thus settling a strained relationship with actor T. R. Knight. In Grey’s (for the close friends), the rule, tacit or not, is quite simple to understand by the public, but especially by the whole cast: no one is irreplaceable and the series will recover from any start.

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Suffice to say that the murderous madness of a grieving widower was right on time to do a little cleaning in a very (too?) Large cast at the time. Especially since side audiences, Grey’s Anatomy in this month of May 2010 shows a significant drop. With 2 million fewer followers than Season 5, it’s high time to act. “New blood! »Demands the public!  » Some blood ! Shonda Rhimes hears.

Among the victims of this breathless double episode, the very recent characters who do not seem to have seduced the public. The haughty and ambitious Dr Reed Adamson, played by Nora Zehetner. His account is settled in less time than it takes for the character to introduce himself to the ill-inspired killer.  » I’m a doctor. »Bang! Shot in the head at close range. The chilling image will remain among the most shocking of the series all seasons combined, the tone is set. Who’s next ? Charles Percy (Robert Baker), her frozen lover, hidden in a bathroom, has the misfortune to make noise. Bang! As he is hit in the abdomen, his agony will be longer and lead to an incredible scene in which Bailey (Chandra Wilson), with the help of a patient, tries to keep him alive. Alas, he breathes his last, feeding the famous adage dear to the producers of fire Dynasty “With us, anything can happen”.

A grand-guignolesque but effective final

And the path of our killer will thus cross that of all our heroes. The small, the medium, the large! All will have to show courage, coolness, all will try to escape the murderous retribution of this bloodthirsty man … Including Dr Love. Brave brushing, magnetic gaze, Meredith Grey’s husband tries to calm the mad murderer. No quarter for the heroes: the surgeon takes his small burst and collapses under the horrified eyes of the public, but especially of his eternal lover. Generic. We can continue on the second part of this crazy cliffhanger which still keeps all its promises.

Because our murderer has not finished. And goes so far as to interrupt the delicate operation which could save the life of its main target. With the scalpel, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), who must obey this killer armed to the teeth, who has just settled his account with a few visibly little seasoned security guards. The scene remains a highlight of the series, grand-guignolesque just enough, but well enough staged to make us believe that Derek died under the eyes of his sweet Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) pregnant!

“Noooo, that’s not possible! »Yells the viewer in front of his screen. No, indeed, it is not possible. (Not yet at least!) The continuous beep of the monitor has just been unplugged to make the killer believe that his victim has already passed the weapon to the left. Our killer ends up committing suicide in front of 16 million viewers. A score that the cliffhangers, however sometimes just as dramatic as that of the helicopter crash of season 8, will never manage to reach.

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