Guillaume Durand has just overcome cancer and the Covid

Guillaume Durand has come a long way. The 69-year-old journalist, absent from the airwaves of Classic Radio since the spring, waited until he was recovered to announce on his Twitter account that he had gone through the worst in the last six months: not only did he overcome cancer – from which he does not specify the nature -, then chemo and radiotherapy sessions, but he was then affected by « a good Covid », calling in passing his faithful to exercise the greatest caution for the end of the year holidays .

“First jogging after a hell of cancer operated for 10 hours on June 25. Then chemo and radio followed by a good Covid. Take fear by the hand and live. Be careful at Christmas. « 

« Lost bullets »

A pillar of the classic Radio morning show since 2008, Guillaume Durand retired in May without detailing the reasons for his departure, even if his colleagues were in the know. In a message published at the time on social networks, he simply hinted that he was facing a health problem: « Life sometimes reserves, in the field of health, stray bullets from which we recover with the rest, he explained modestly. No drama, I’ll be back soon. I miss the team, the listeners obviously… ”

Three months later, at the beginning of August, the journalist paid tribute to the hospital service in his own way, always with the same restraint. “Believe me, you have to trust unblinded science to still read poems, listen to songs and kiss your children. Friendship. « 

If I have my father’s genes, I’ll piss you off until you’re 100!

For Guillaume Durand, the blows of fate have been linked for a year. The disease was indeed added to another pain, the loss of his father, the art dealer Lucien Durand, who introduced him to culture and painting, who died just a year ago in December 2020. “My father died this morning at the age of 100,” he sadly announced on Twitter at the time. Lucien and my mom loved artists. Many sculptors passed by 19 rue Mazarine to talk about a first exhibition. I owe them everything… ”

In an interview with Parisian Two years ago, Durand spoke of his father’s strength and longevity to say that he was not about to quit journalism. “My father is 99 years old,” he said. If I have his genes, I’ll piss you off until you’re 100! If the radio stops, I won’t experience it as a drama. I will continue my passions: politics, art, music, literature and tennis, etc. And I will be spending time with my five children. “For now, he should return to the antenna of Classic Radio next January, without however taking the reins of the morning immediately, which requires iron health.

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