Investment: Lego, more profitable than gold

Un annual return to make the most solid of safe havens look pale. A study by the Moscow Graduate School of Economics reported by our colleagues at Webrema reveals that some gifts discovered by the youngest under the tree can turn out to be an investment in gold. And even more. With an average return of 10% to 11% per year, Lego sets (still wrapped, beware), can prove to be more profitable than gold or other collectibles, like stamps or wine.

And for good reason, the Lego market is particularly volatile, some can realize a capital gain of 600% over one year while others can lose half of their value quite quickly. The authors of the study analyzed the price evolution of 2,322 different Lego sets, still in original packaging, between 1987 and 2015. They thus compared the original selling prices with the amounts of the transactions. second-hand online auctions.

Favor the older and younger

Great classic, the “Millennium Falcon” of the saga Star Wars is one of the items with the highest added value, as is the Taj Mahal. For Victoria Dobrynskaya, co-author of the study, « you have to be a real Lego fan to see the investment potential of a particular set ».

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The larger Lego sets, because they are produced in smaller quantities, are therefore among the best investments, as are the smaller ones, which often contain unique pieces. On average, the price increases from the second year after stopping sales in the store. Thus, “the Lego with the highest yields are the sets produced 20 to 30 years ago”.

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