« It is the economy that has won »: infectious disease specialist Jean-Paul Stahl reacts to government announcements

Prof. Jean-Paul Stahl estimated that only government measures aimed at limiting indoor gatherings are likely to strongly slow down the fifth wave of the epidemic.

Too little to stop the fifth wave according to him. The infectious disease professor Jean-Paul Stahl reacted on Webrema to the latest measures taken by the executive to try to stem this rapid epidemic recovery.

« This evening health has lost in the arbitrations, it is the economy which has won », estimated the infectious disease specialist at the CHU of Grenoble on our antenna, « we want to keep the economy going but we are going to overwhelm the hospitals, it’s a choice. »

« 2000 people indoors, that’s a joke »

« I recognize that the balance between the two is far from easy to maintain, » he conceded. Asked to react to the government’s decision to reinstate gauges for outdoor and indoor gatherings, Jean-Paul Stahl judged that these were disproportionate in view of the epidemiological situation in certain departments and cities.

« A gauge of 2000 people indoors is a joke when you know that in Paris you have an incidence of 1500 cases per 100,000 people which is absolutely considerable, » he detailed.

« Avoid gatherings in closed places »

Reinforcement of teleworking, prohibition of consumption in certain places and even standing in bars … « These are measures which will be likely to slow down the epidemic a little bit but not significantly the contagion », estimated the infectious disease specialist on Webrema.

« The real measure is to avoid gatherings in closed places, that’s the real measure », finally ruled Jean-Paul Stahl who nevertheless welcomed the reduction in the time taken to obtain the booster dose, « a very good thing « .

Hugues Garnier Webrema reporter

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