Jean Castex: « Vaccination remains at the heart of our strategy »

At the end of a new Health Defense Council, Prime Minister Jean Castex detailed the new measures to try to curb the new wave of Covid-19 cases.

No shock measure but a new incentive for vaccination. Prime Minister Jean Castex spoke Monday evening after the Health Defense Council. He first regretted that a “new wave is sweeping over our continent” linked to the Omicron variant, with “the symbolic crossing of 100,000 daily cases of contamination. « The incidence rate is over 700, the highest since the start of the crisis, » he added. In hospitals, « the situation remains tense, because our caregivers are exhausted. » “Vaccination remains at the heart of our strategy,” he explained. « If the vaccination does not prevent either being contaminated or transmitting the disease, it reduces the risk and protects the serious forms of Omicron », he declared, demonstrating his pedagogy. « Immunization protects us, it protects others and it protects health services. » In fact, he explained that it would take only « three months after the second injection to be able to benefit from your booster ». Jean Castex added that the health pass will be transformed into a vaccination pass. « Producing a test will not be enough, » he added. « This new rule if it is voted will apply from January 15 », with stronger penalties against false passes.

Schools will remain open

By Monday and for the next three weeks, large gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 2,000 people indoors, and 5,000 people outdoors. The consumption of alcohol and food will be impossible in cultural establishments and sitting in bars and restaurants. Teleworking will be compulsory for all companies three to four days a week. As for wearing a mask, it will become compulsory in town centers. On the other hand, Jean Castex postponed the curfew measures at least until the next Defense Council on January 5. The schools will remain open and the next school year will not be postponed.

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