Jean-Marc Vallée, director of « Dallas Buyers Club », died at 58 years old

Ithe realized Dallas Buyers Club (2013), which won an Oscar for Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto. Jean-Marc Vallée died at the age of 58, on the evening of Saturday, December 25. According to the son of the Quebec director, the native of Montreal died in a residence in the Quebec region, reports Radio Canada.

A former student of the University of Montreal, Jean-Marc Vallée was born on March 9, 1963. After several critical and commercial successes in Canada (Blacklist), the director made his Hollywood debut with The crazy ones (1997) and Loser Love (1999). After winning around twenty awards for his feature film C.R.A.Z.Y, he conquered the American market with his highly acclaimed Dallas Buyers Club (2013). A performance that earned him the title of the first Quebec director to be nominated (without being crowned) in the category of best film at the Oscar.

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« Jean-Marc was synonymous with creativity, authenticity »

On the small screen, Jean-Marc Vallée won several Emmy for his series Big Little Lies (2017), of which he is the co-creator, in particular that of the best miniseries and the best realization. “Jean-Marc was synonymous with creativity, authenticity, non-conformism. He was a true artist and a generous, loving guy. Everyone who worked with him couldn’t help but see the talent and vision he possessed, ”reacted producer Nathan Ross in a statement. The director leaves behind two children, Alex and Émile.

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