Messi (really) unleashed on the track

Mocked for his dance steps with his wife on Christmas Eve, Lionel Messi was in better shape during a private party organized this Sunday.

Returned to Argentina on the occasion of the end of year celebrations, Lionel Messi have a good time with family and friends. This was particularly the case on Christmas Day when the Argentinian engaged in a few dance steps with his wife. The sequence broadcast on social networks was not to his advantage, however, the seven-fold Golden Ball showing itself to be measured in these gestures, to say the least.

It was quite different, Sunday, during a private party organized by the former Barcelonan, during which he had notably invited the cumbia group Los Palmeras. If on stage, he once again remained very wise when dancing with Antonella Roccuzzo, it was quite different on the floor where he jumped happily, mingling in a frenzied round with other guests.

The Argentinian playmaker will still be able to spend a few good evenings in Argentina since Mauricio Pochettino has left the possibility for his South American players to return to Paris on January 2, the day after the official resumption of the group and on the eve of the Coupe de France meeting in Vannes (N2), Monday 3. A meeting that Lionel Messi should miss, whose return is expected for the Ligue 1 clash against Olympique Lyonnais, the following weekend.

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