More than 2,000 hospitalizations … the frightening records of Covid-19

Watch out for the rogue wave. Dreaded by sailors, these veritable walls of water are formed when two swell fronts meet. And it is this type of wave, Covid-19 version, that the hospitals of Paca are preparing to face. “We haven’t reached Delta Peak yet and the Omicron wave is coming. We fear the wave in the wave ”, worries Sébastien Debeaumont, deputy director general of the ARS Paca. He is alarmed by a « very disturbing and unequaled situation. » We are reaching figures never known in previous waves ”.

Hospitalizations, deaths, admissions to intensive care units, incidence rate, 20 Minutes takes stock of the frightening records of Covid-19 in Paca, pending the press conference at the end of the health defense council.

More than 2,000 people hospitalized, 78 deaths in the last three days

As of December 26, 1,400 people were hospitalized in conventional care for Covid-19 in Paca, indicates to 20 Minutes the regional health agency. In addition, 457 are in critical care and 333 in resuscitation. An increase of 45 patients in 5 days, specifies Sébastien Debeaumont. In the past three days, 78 people have died from Covid-19 in hospital departments.

Occupancy rates above 90% despite the massive opening of beds

To date, 95.2% of beds in critical care units and 92% of resuscitation capacities are occupied by patients sick with the coronavirus. This despite the massive opening of beds, either by arming new ones, or by deprogramming other services. For example, the La Timone hospital in Marseille has opened 23 additional intensive care beds in recent days, bringing their capacity to 85 beds, an increase of 35%. « It is the government’s measures to double overtime rates that allow us to stay the course, » observes Lionel Velly, head of the intensive care unit at La Timone.

Delta ? Omicron ? Quelle proportion ?

« We are still largely in the Delta wave », emphasizes Sébastien Debeaumont. “Omicron represents around 15% of cases,” he explains. In addition, the incidence rate stands at 1019, a level never before seen in the region which also has a test positivity rate of 8.9%, one point higher than the national average. As a result, Samu 13 is overwhelmed and « receives more than 200 calls per day for Covid », informs Lionel Velly.

The majority unvaccinated in intensive care

Among the 333 patients sick with Covid-19 and hospitalized in Paca, 63% of them are not vaccinated, indicates the ARS. In Marseille public hospitals (AP-HM) this rate is 86%. A difference which is explained “by the low proportion of people vaccinated in Marseille. There are certain sectors where the vaccination coverage rate does not reach 50%, ”says Lionel Velly. “The average age is 56 years old. Vaccinated people admitted to intensive care all have related health problems, ”he explains.

“We’re a bit disillusioned, because it was all preventable. After two years of the epidemic, we are still seeing people arriving in intensive care who say ‘the Covid does not exist’ ”, regrets Lionel Velly. A point on which Sébastien Debeaumont insists. “We have clustered cases in nursing homes, with very few hospitalizations and deaths, because residents have their three doses,” explains the deputy director general of ARS Paca.

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