Nightclubs closed: the sector fears a « compulsory test for all » at the reopening

Several employers’ unions mark a « red line », fearing that such a device will scuttle the attendance of establishments when they reopen.

Employer organizations in the hotel and catering industry fear that the government will demand « a compulsory test for all”, Including those vaccinated, when nightclubs reopen, as the executive could announce new measures to deal with a meteoric surge of the new variant of Covid-19.

Clubs and discos are closed from December 9 until January 6, which represents a « new injustice« Estimate these unions including Umih, the main union in the sector and its branches »night», «prestige » and « bowling« , The GNC (hotel chains) or the SNEG & Co (gay companies), in a press release on Monday.

Or «the track envisaged by the government of a compulsory test for all, even vaccinated« To reopen these night establishments, »is a red line for our sector« , Affirm these organizations, which assimilate such »systematic test, even free, for young people who have been triple vaccinated« , has a « huge brake»Upon resumption of activity.

Differentiate according to the date of the last injection

«Our establishments cannot open with barely 15 to 30% of our customers: beyond the lack of atmosphere to make our establishments attractive, the discotheque manager could not find his way economically and the image given would be harmful for the future of our establishments”, Plead these organizations.

They would prefer that customers be required « a compulsory test before entering (the) night establishments, if and only if the last vaccine or the last Covid infection is more than six months old». «Under six months, it would be a condemnation of our establishments», They say.

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