Online commerce: more than one in 4 products is dangerous

Covid-19 requires, online commerce has exploded all records lately. In 2020, reports the Ministry of the Economy, the total turnover of the sector reached 112 billion euros. An insolent success, but which does not manage to forget the sometimes quite relative quality of the goods which are exchanged via the Internet. Thus, according to the Directorate general competition, consumption and fraud repression (DGCCRF), the majority of products analyzed by its services would be non-compliant, or even dangerous.

The public body looked into the case of 450 products, put on sale between 2018 and 2020. And its conclusions are alarming: in total, 63% of the products analyzed do not comply with various commercial or safety standards. And among these faulty products, more than a quarter (28%) would even be considered dangerous!

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All affected sites

According to 20 Minutes, almost all types of products are affected, even if some are more dangerous than others: children’s toys, childcare articles, electrical objects, jewelry, smoke detectors, cosmetics, etc. Thus, nearly 87% of adapters and 66% of electric garlands present a serious risk of short-circuit, or even fire. “Costume” jewelry is also singled out by the DGCCRF, 74% of them containing toxic heavy metals (lead, cadmium, nickel).

Last point, note 20 Minutes : if some of the sites concerned by the DGCCRF investigation are known to offer products of questionable quality, such as Wish or Aliexpress, others are much more established and recognized: Amazon, Cdiscount, Ebay, La Fnac, Rakuten or Rue du Commerce.

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