Presidential: Castex announces the holding of an organizing committee

Lhen the press conference organized on Monday, December 27 at 7 p.m., and devoted to the strong resumption of the health crisis, Jean Castex briefly mentioned the organization of the presidential election. The Prime Minister announced that Gérald Darmanin will “undoubtedly” assemble an organizing committee, in order to alleviate the threats posed by the Covid-19 on the ballot.

This commission will be organized on the model of what had been done “for regional and cantonal elections, involving all political groups”. It should make it possible to agree to all the actors concerned « on rules which are obviously protective in relation to the health situation but which take into account the specificity of this fundamental activity, that is to say ultimately the exercise of democracy « .

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« The date has not yet been fixed, » the entourage of the Minister of the Interior told AFP on Monday, specifying that the committee meeting would necessarily take place after a meeting with the president of the Constitutional Council. Laurent Fabius, scheduled for early January. Gérald Darmanin « made a request for an appointment » to Laurent Fabius, the entourage had indicated on Wednesday.

No postponement planned

The minister presented a text which modifies the organization of the presidential election and the electoral code in order to facilitate the proxy process, in particular in favor of a voter who is not registered on the same electoral list as himself.

No postponement of the presidential election of April 2022 is « neither on the table, nor below the table, nor in the cupboard next to the table, » had insisted Gabriel Attal Wednesday at the end of the Council of ministers. Mr. Castex also specified that the meetings of the electoral campaign would not be affected by the measurement measures imposed on large gatherings.

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« Political and electoral activities are subject to specific provisions in our constitutional law which provide them (…) even stronger protection, so it is clear that the measures that I announced this (Monday) evening do not concern political meetings, ”he stressed.

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