Retirement savings: how to put old contracts in order

Since its creation two years ago, the retirement savings plan has replaced all the old systems, whether individual (PERP, Madelin) or collective (Perco or “article 83”). It is also no longer possible to subscribe to these.

On the other hand, we can keep them and even continue to add to them. With one exception: the financial institution that manages the contract can, in certain cases, decide to transform its product into PER, which is simpler than having several envelopes to manage simultaneously with separate rules. « Direct conversion can be considered if the guarantees offered are aligned with the interests of the client, explains Sophie Vannier, director of the social protection market for professionals and small businesses at Generali France. The latter may, however, refuse this type of rider and, in this case, transfer his contract to another organization. « 

If he does not do so, the saver must ask himself the question of bringing together all of his assets on a single contract. This solution has the merit of simplicity. It allows you to have a better view of your capital and therefore to better invest it. By transferring your outstandings to a latest generation product, it also allows access to a richer financial offer and even, in some cases, to pay lower fees.

Finally, and this is a weighty argument, the sums transferred to a PER benefit from the outflow of capital permitted by the envelope. “Today the customer has the choice, emphasizes Sophie Vannier. Until then, apart from the PERP which made it possible to recover 20% in capital, all the exits of the individual devices were made in life annuity. « 

“The legislation requires each distributor to present the characteristics of old and new contracts to help the saver understand the implication of the transfer. »Joël Dufresnoy, from AG2R La Mondiale

Centralizing its outstandings on a PER therefore seems to win all the votes. “Intuitively it seems like a good idea to put everything together, but it can still be practical to keep two or three separate envelopes, judge for his part Odile Ezerzer, of Macif. This makes it possible to have a contract to take out an annuity and another to recover the capital, for example. «  It can also be an opportunity to select contracts with different strengths.

In addition, for each envelope held, a detailed comparison must be made of the advantages and disadvantages associated with this change. « The legislation also requires each distributor to present the characteristics of old and new contracts to help the saver understand the implication of the transfer », says Joël Dufresnoy, marketing manager for the savings and retirement offer at AG2R La Mondiale.

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