Rouen: start of an indefinite strike in the emergency room of the CHU

Both staff and management place a critical strain on the hospital emergency services.

The emergency staff of the Rouen University Hospital on Monday began an indefinite strike to protest against the deterioration of their working conditions and the lack of human and material resources, we learned from concordant sources. The notice was filed by CFDT, CGT, Sud and FO. « Monday morning, the rate of strikers is 100%, the striking agents are assigned and therefore work, this concerns about fifty agents», Declared to AFP Frédéric Louis, secretary of the CFDT section of the Rouen University Hospital.

The management of the establishment has assessed the rate of strikers at « 24%, according to civil service rules». «There are 38 strikers identified out of 158 agents in the service. It is quite important. There is a mobilization of agents which is not negligible and should be taken seriously« , Told AFP Bertrand Cazelles, deputy director general of the CHU, recalling that the white plan was triggered two weeks ago in the establishment.

The difference with the figures provided by management is explained by the fact that the latter accounts for all staff, including non-caregivers, according to Frédéric Louis. « The Regional Health Agency must become aware of the difficulties of the public hospital. Apart from recruiting, there is not much to do« , Estimated the trade unionist.

« Particularly critical situation »

According to Frédéric Louis, around fifty beds are closed throughout the CHU, due to recruitment difficulties, and around forty nursing positions are not filled. « All this leads to disorganization in the emergency room. Emergency room colleagues overwhelmed by patients stagnating due to lack of beds« , He explained.

«We are in a particularly critical situation« , Admitted Bertrand Cazelles, evoking »a great deal of pressure on emergencies». «We have patients who stay too long in the emergency room due to a lack of downstream beds available. All the levers are mobilized to try to recruit. To cope, the system of increased overtime is widely used. This allowed us to close fewer beds than expected in the first simulations.« , he added.

An emergency nurse from the CHU, who wished to remain anonymous, hopes for his part that emergency caregivers « are not called in to fill holes in other departments, leading to the recruitment of temporary workers, who are less efficient, in the emergency room».


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