Rouen University Hospital launches an indefinite strike to denounce the lack of resources

The emergency staff of the Rouen University Hospital started an indefinite strike on Monday, December 27 to protest against the deterioration of their working conditions and the lack of human and material resources. The notice was filed by CFDT, CGT, SUD and FO.

« Monday morning, the rate of strikers is 100%, the striking agents are assigned and therefore work, this concerns about fifty agents », declared the secretary of the CFDT section of the Rouen University Hospital, Frédéric Louis.

The management of the establishment for its part evaluated the rate of strikers at « 24%, according to civil service rules ». The difference with the figures provided by management is explained by the fact, according to Mr. Louis, that the latter accounts for all staff, including non-nursing.

But the observation remains: “It’s pretty important. There is a mobilization of agents which is not negligible and should be taken seriously « , said Bertrand Cazelles, deputy director general of the CHU, recalling that the white plan was triggered two weeks ago in the establishment. In practice, this plan allows hospitals to reorganize themselves, to review staff schedules, to recall caregivers on their leave, or to initiate the deprogramming of other non-emergency patients, in order to free up staff to build capacity. services receiving the influx of Covid-19 patients.

About forty unfilled nursing positions

“The regional health agency must become aware of the difficulties of the public hospital. Apart from recruiting, there is not much to do « , said the trade unionist. According to Frédéric Louis, around fifty beds are closed throughout the CHU, due to recruitment difficulties, and around forty nursing positions are not filled. “All this leads to disorganization in the emergency room. Colleagues in the emergency room are overwhelmed by patients who are stagnant due to a lack of beds ”, he explained.

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« We are in a particularly critical situation », admitted Bertrand Cazelles, evoking « A very great tension on emergencies ». “We have patients who stay too long in the emergency room for lack of available downstream beds. All the levers are mobilized to try to recruit. To cope, the system of increased overtime is widely used. This allowed us to close fewer beds than expected in the first simulations ”, he added.

An emergency nurse from the CHU, who wished to remain anonymous, hopes for his part that emergency caregivers « Are not called in to plug holes in other services, leading to the recruitment of temporary workers, who are less efficient, in the emergency room ».

Multiple alerts

There have been many alarms about the harsh working conditions in hospitals for several years.

As of May 2019, some hospitals, in particular their emergency services, went on strike. In August of that year, more than a third of the 640 establishments in the country were affected by the mobilization. « Our demands for more humanity in the healthcare chain are the same », explained to the World a regulation assistant from the SAMU de Savoie, on strike to support his colleagues at the Chambéry hospital. “What we want is not a bonus, it’s colleagues.  »

In January 2020, nearly 1,200 hospital doctors, including 600 heads of service and 470 heads of units, resigned from their administrative, management and representation functions, in the absence of negotiations with the government on the means of public hospital.

The Ségur de la santé, concluded in July 2020, intended to reform this sector and make it more attractive, in particular via salary increases, has not resolved the unease of hospital staff. “Before Ségur, nurses were at -20% compared to the average European salary, explained to the World Thierry Amouroux, spokesperson for the National Union of Nursing Professionals CFE-CGC. Since the revaluation, we are still at -10%. « 

On October 9, the emergency room staff at the Laval hospital center (Mayenne) also announced an unlimited strike movement. “We are five full-time equivalents for a goal between sixteen and eighteen. Barely a third of the target ”, declared Caroline Brémaud, head of the emergency department of this hospital, invited on France Inter on October 18.

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