Royal and Princely Condolences for Desmond Tutu

Several sovereigns, as well as Prince Charles and Princess Charlene of Monaco, have expressed their condolences following the death, this Sunday, of the former South African archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Former South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu passed away this Sunday, December 26, 2021, at the age of 90. The same day, several European monarchs expressed the condolences they had sent, following the death of this man whose life of combat, first against apartheid then for the reconciliation of his country and the defense of the rights. de l’Homme, earned him the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize.

Elizabeth II fondly remembers their meetings

Mentioning the deep sadness of the whole of the British royal family at the announcement of this news, Queen Elizabeth II confided: « I remember with fondness my meetings with him, his great warmth and his humor ». She added: “The loss of Archbishop Tutu will be felt by the people of South Africa, and by so many in Britain, Northern Ireland and across the Commonwealth, where he was held in so high affection and esteem ”. In a personal message, his eldest son Prince Charles stressed that his « bravery in exposing the evil of apartheid and highlighting the threat of climate change has been an inspiration to all of us ».

While King Harald V, on behalf of the Norwegian Royal Family, wrote “Our hearts go out to the South African people who have lost an important voice for justice, and to their loved ones who have lost a husband, father and family. a grandfather ”, the Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg expressed his condolences and that of his wife, the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, to the President of the Republic of South Africa, for him and the people of South Africa. African. The monarch of the Grand Duchy signaled: “We will remember Nobel Peace Prize winner Tutu as a man of extraordinary intelligence and integrity, an iconic spiritual leader and a human rights activist. man, whose relentless fight against injustice helped end apartheid ”.

The Dutch Court issued a signed message from King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, his wife Queen Maxima and his mother, ex-Queen Beatrix. « We cherish our memories of Archbishop Desmond Tutu with gratitude, » they said, referring to « his indestructible cheerfulness », his fight for justice and peace.

“He gave a voice to hope. Her endearing personality and distinctive smile have been a powerful force in seducing and helping many people find the path to reconciliation, ”they concluded.

The message of Princess Charlene of Monaco, her compatriot

Having lived in South Africa for a long time, where her parents and one of her brothers still reside with her family, Princess Charlene of Monaco shared two photos showing her with Desmond Tutu on her Instagram account. The wife of Prince Albert II, who is currently recovering outside the Principality, accompanied them with a legend which she began with the words “My dear friend, we will miss you”. “I know you are with our fathers,” she continued, revealing that she will keep the good memories they shared and that the former Archbishop’s laughter will remain in her heart forever.

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