Sea of ​​Thieves: What if he’s the real champion of Xbox Studios?

Game news Sea of ​​Thieves: What if he’s the real champion of Xbox Studios?

Developed by Rare (Donkey Kong 64, GoldenEye 007, Killer Instinct), Sea of ​​Thieves is a piracy-based multiplayer game released in March 2018. At that time, the title was suffering from poor content and worries. balancing, but each update has reinforced the strength of the title, which has never been so popular

After fumbling around and introducing plenty of mechanics, enemies, rewards, weapons, adventures, and secrets to uncover, Sea of ​​Thieves has moved on to a system of seasons. A risky but saving bet for the title, which saw its popularity explode, much helped by the release of fables, dedicated to Pirates of the Caribbean last June.

Long-term success driven by constant monitoring

In October, the developers proudly announced that 25 million unique players had launched the title since its launch, and that a peak at 4.8 million players had been recorded. Season 5 launched recently, and while it doesn’t add a major quest or introduce a significant partnership, it has added a lot of mechanics and quality of life improvements that seem to have won over new players. Microsoft announces that sales have recently reached a new milestone, reaching five million copies sold on Steam alone.

Even as we finish celebrating the big milestone of 25 million players on Sea of ​​Thieves, (…) we exceed the five million units sold on Steam! As Sea of ​​Thieves is our first in-house developed game for PC as well as Xbox, we are absolutely delighted to see such an influx of new pirates begin their adventures since the game arrived on Steam in June of last year. No matter what platform you play on, it would never have had this success without your support, the players – so all we can say is thank you!

We’re excited to see more and more players – regardless of platform, device, or location in the world – join us on our Pirate Odyssey and make Sea of ​​Thieves a ever more lively place. In Steam alone, our thriving community now boasts over 10,000 chats, thousands of people looking for other gamers to navigate, and nearly 500 guides written by you, the gamers. We are also particularly pleased with the growth of spaces like our official Discord server, which is approaching 300,000 members!

Sea of ​​Thieves: What if he's the real champion of Xbox Studios?

The title is also endowed with 156,000 reviews on Valve’s platform, 90% positive. In other words, Sea of ​​Thives has established a new record for a Microsoft Game Studios game. To celebrate this success, Rare offers players a new emote, which can be obtained by simply logging in until December 30. While it is available at no additional cost as part of Game Pass, the Microsoft Xbox subscription offer, the title can also be purchased. Currently, players who wish to take advantage of it on Steam can afford it for € 19.99 instead of the usual € 39.99 until January 5. Of course, Rare invites players to stay alert, with many new features planned in the coming months.

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