Sonic, Kirby … The 8 platform games to watch in 2022

Game news Sonic, Kirby … The 8 platform games to watch in 2022

It is certain, the year 2022 will be that of the new generation, of large worlds open in 4K / 60 images per second. Beyond the action-adventure in blockbuster, we should not neglect the genres certainly less modern but still pleasant, and which can reserve very nice surprises. This is especially the case with the platform, which we will talk about in this article.

Clive ‘N’ Wrench

In a style that is immediately reminiscent of Banjo-Kazooie, Clive ‘N’ Wrench is a 3D platform game where the player controls two characters simultaneously. The first, Clive, is a very agile bunny who can move quickly and bounce around. The second, Wrench, is a monkey with impressive strength, for example being able to break obstacles and act as a propeller to soar in the air. The set seems to offer a wide range of movements, useful for progressing in colored levels, drawn from various eras. Indeed, Clive and Wrench are in pursuit of Dr. Daucus, who searches for ancient stones through time. The developers evoke “worlds created with care and thoroughness” as well as “11 magnificent universes”. Without forgetting a good mood at all times. To watch closely.

  • Release date : 2022
  • Platforms : PC, Switch

Sonic Frontiers

Announced last May and further revealed at the Game Awards 2021, Sonic Frontiers is the new installment in the famous SEGA series, scheduled for next year. There is of course the famous blue hedgehog, but this time in an open world larger than ever. We do not yet know the details of the latter, the recent trailer is not really explicit, even if insiders speak of a cocktail between the classic formula and an open-world. Sonic Frontiers would thus include portals to access Cyberspace, where the usual levels of the series would give access to the famous Chaos Emeralds, essential to access the boss of the area. These are just rumors. But what is certain is that Takashi Iizuka, the producer of the Sonic games, would like to make it as memorable as Sonic Adventure.

  • Release date : 2022
  • Platforms : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch

Kirby and the Forgotten World

The first Kirby with 3D exploration, you can’t refuse, right? In any case, this is what Kirby and the Forgotten World plans to do, which will arrive in the second half of 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. We don’t know much about the title at the moment, except that he will have much more open areas for him than in the past. Open world or levels well separated from each other? Total suspense. “You can move around freely in 3D using Kirby’s powers,” Toshiaki Koizumi, well-known developer of the Japanese manufacturer and producer of Super Mario Odyssey, described in the announcement. Moreover, on the side of the powers, the first trailer did not unveil any breathtaking novelties. It will undoubtedly be classic on that side. Surprises will certainly come from the forgotten world itself.

  • Release date : 2022
  • Platforms : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch


Even though it seems primarily a cinematic experience with quite a bit of action, Replaced describes itself on its Steam page as “A platform game and science fiction”. So we don’t spit in the soup and we add it to this beautiful selection. You probably remember this very engaging artistically directed title that made a splash at the Xbox E3 2021 conference. It is developed by Sad Cat Studios, and takes place in an 80s America, redesigned for the occasion. The player embodies REACH, AI trapped in a human body against his will. You will thus have to explore this world and discover the mysteries it contains, and understand that “everything has a price”. It does not take more to be very impatient to see more. If Replaced manages to maintain the visual and gameplay bar, it will be very good.

  • Release date : 2022
  • Platforms : PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Like the Kangaroo

When a representative of the platform returns after years, we obviously listen. Next year, Kao the Kangaroo will indeed be back, for the moment on PC. As with Kirby and the Forgotten World, we do not know much for the moment. The developers at Tate Multimedia promise us “Kao’s greatest adventure yet”. This time the hero will have to find his sister and understand what happened to his father, also long gone. To do this, he will have the heavy task of exploring the world and facing the battle masters. Speaking of the action, the studio claims on the Steam page that the fights will be “tough” and “the story moving”. A comeback for a rather popular license but which has never really exploded? We wish him the best, for his arrival in 2022.

  • Release date : 2022
  • Platforms : PC (no other info for the moment)


With its cute design and charming colors, Frogun has great arguments to appeal to platform game fans. Its concept is summarized in its single title: the heroine can wield a frog pistol whose tongue allows it to hang on a wall. And it will take at least that to complete the levels, filled with traps and opponents. Without forgetting the secrets that there are also to discover. There even seems to be a small scenario: “Renata’s parents are world-famous explorers, archaeologists as well as inventors (…) For three whole days, Renata waits: if they have not yet returned, he must have happened to them! ” can we read on the Steam page. Enough to give just the right amount of impetus to embark on this cute platform game, which is still quite envious.

  • Release date : Mid 2022
  • Platforms : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch (selon l’objectif Kickstarter)


With a particular concept, Togges is a “collect-a-thon” platform game, or a “collection marathon”. The idea is basically to wander through the levels in search of specific objects to collect, like Banjo-Kazooie. But the title of Regular Studio adds its touch, with a rather particular gameplay: the little characters you control drop cubes that will allow you to reach new places. The developers speak of “emerging gameplay” thanks to levels designed over several floors, which also seem particularly colorful and pleasant to navigate. That’s not all, because Regular Studio also conjures up “dozens of content to discover” and “a wide variety of adorable characters and funny stories”. An original concept which also seems to be well executed.

  • Release date : Mid 2022
  • Platforms : “All major platforms” (according to a Steam news)

Olli Olli World / Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Small step aside to finish. The two upcoming games are not strictly platform games but sliding games, and you might like them. The first is OlliOlli World, a new game from the Roll7 studio, after two very popular first opus. The experience is less marked this time than in the past, with a world that benefits from a real identity and levels with branches. Of course, the gameplay promises to be as precise and enjoyable as ever. Second game: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, roller and skate game with a crazy world that pays homage to the great Jet Set Radio. Again, the controls seem more than correct, and we really hope to regain the speed and excitement of the time. In short, all in all, the year 2022 will hold as many good platform games as it does sliding. And for once, it’s a pleasure.

  • Release date : 2022
  • Platforms : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch / PC, Switch

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