storm in a glass of water for the greeting card of the town hall of Marseille

No Christmas break for the local “chicayas” in Marseille. Elected representatives of the Catholic right rebelled on the networks against the greeting card sent by the town hall of Marseille and on which the cross surmounting the Good Mother is not represented. And it is the LR senator from Marseille, Valérie Boyer, who fired the first one.

“Thank you to the Municipality of Marseille for being so attached to our traditions, our roots and our identity. After the disappearance of « Merry Christmas » (replaced by « Bonnes Fêtes »), we learn that Our Lady of the Guard does not have a cross. Could the Virgin Mary be next? « , tweeted the former mayor of the 11th and 12th arrondissements.

In its wake, it was notably imitated by Nadine Morano, the former secretary of state for the family of Nicolas Sarkozy, then Gilbert Collard, who was, among others, a support for Marine Le Pen. “The petty and Stalinist eradicators of our history can go after themselves, the Good Mother will always watch over the Marseillais! « ,
wrote the latter.

If everything is currently good for arguing over a supposed French identity, it looks like a storm in a glass of water. The visual used by municipal services had already been used during the previous term of office. It can be found in particular on the cover of an edition of the municipal magazine of the 11th and 12th arrondissements, dated 2019, in which Valérie Boyer, holds a forum as an elected representative of this sector, as reported by an Internet user.

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