Suspicions of doping in the peloton

The performances of some runners in 2021 raise fears of the worst, the use of ketones, pointed out, not being able to explain everything.

The idea of ​​two-speed cycling is gaining ground. The formations of the platoon would not fight on equal terms. Consequence of the use by some teams of ketones, a food supplement which is certainly not prohibited but of which certain formations, signatories of the Movement For a Credible Cycling (MPCC), do not want to hear about.

Unsurprisingly, Marc Madiot, the sporting director of Groupama-FDJ, the formation of the French sprinter, is on the same line as his sprinter Arnaud Demare, who did not hesitate to set foot in the dish this fall. “In 2021, we still saw variations, say surprising, of watts among some teams. In two weeks, there are runners who have progressed enormously where mine, despite being in good shape, stagnated. These are only impressions, not certainties, but I remain surprised ”, he confided in the columns of the Parisian.

I saw guys go by like planes

But ketones aren’t the only products used that are questioning. The object of a police raid during the Tour de France, the Bahrain training, which saw some of its riders bursting the screen like and, would thus resort to a muscle relaxant called Tizanidine, a product usually used by patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. What inevitably question. « It is still more worrying than ketones which are, in part, secreted by the body and which are over-the-counter, » observed Marc Madiot. There, we are talking about a product that is found in hospitals. And so we wonder what the hell he does in a cycling team! Frankly, those gray areas are not good for the image of our sport. We are in a foul-smelling haze. « 

Under cover of anonymity, a “major French runner” is even more explicit. “If we believe that only Bahrain is playing with fire, we are wrong. What is being said in the peloton is that confinement in 2020 has allowed a lot of runners to tinker without really being control. In any case, during the last Tour, I saw guys spinning like planes. It was not so obvious in recent years ”, he assured, after having justified this need for anonymity: « If I talk to you, you can be sure I’ll never take a breakaway again. » « 

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