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Shows, books, exhibitions … Here is the best of the year 2021 selected by the culture department of Paris Match.

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Valentine Delétoille’s favorites

Theater – “Never wipe away tears without gloves”, based on the novel by Jonas Gardell, adaptation by Julie Laufenbüchler and Laurent Bellambe, directed by Laurent Bellambe (performances in Ile-de-France and Normandy).

« Never wipe tears without gloves » was the instruction given to caregivers caring for AIDS patients. Behind Rasmus and Benjamin’s passionate love story hides a group of whimsical and courageous friends who fight more or less directly against HIV, stigma and violence or the silence of their families. Far from being pathetic, the play is powerful, poignant and funny.

Book – “My husband”, by Maud Ventura, L’Iconoclaste, 356 pages, € 19
A sort of desperate housewife in a bourgeois suburban residence seeks to maintain the passion within her couple through convoluted stratagems that she slips into their maintained routine. An anti-romance with rose water and yet a love story all the same, tangy, baroque and colorful.

Book – « The woman who no longer loved men » by Isabelle le Nouvel, Michel Lafon, 202 pages € 17.95

What becomes of an abused child, once an adult? It is by this question that we could synthesize Isabelle le Nouvel’s first novel. From the age of 6, Jeanne is a victim of incest. It will poison his life and his marriage, toxic and brutal too. Behind the story of Jeanne emerges that of Isabelle Lenouvel. The author makes us prisoner of a suspense worthy of thrillers, of which she is passionate. A novel that takes guts.

Opera – « Turandot », Giacomo Puccini, directed by Robert Wilson, musical direction Gustavo Dudamel, opera Bastille (from December 1 to 30)
The cruel princess, daughter of the Emperor of China, refuses to marry anyone, regardless of rank or wealth. Fortunately for her, each of her suitors must answer three puzzles to seal the union. All failed and were beheaded, until the arrival of Prince Calaf who goes, like an Oedipus, to find the answers and the love at the bottom of the heart of the frozen princess. In a minimalist decor, the rich costumes with oriental inspiration envelop the singers and their constant choreography. Each gesture, each step seems ritualized. Ping Pang and Pong, the ministers, bring a Commedia Dell’arte burlesque touch in an enchanting opera.

Series – « In therapy », Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, 35 episodes, Arte, with Carole Bouquet, Mélanie Thierry, Reda Kateb, Céleste Brunnquell, Frédéric Pierrot, Clémence Poésy and Pio Marmaï
In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, five patients came to consult a psychoanalyst, Dr Dayan, to start or continue therapy. A couple torn apart by the desire to have a child, a teenager suspected of suicide, a surgeon with an injured heart and a BRI agent part of the Bataclan intervention group. Over the sessions, the series sketches complete and very endearing characters, and recalls the importance of speaking and listening, as we come out of two years of withdrawal forced by the pandemic. Each of the characters, patients or psychoanalysts, manages to touch something that one has experienced oneself and makes you want to ring the doorbell of Dr Dayan. The game of the (superb) skewer of actors is impressive in its sincerity.

Clémence Duranton’s favorites

Documentary – “Never show that to anyone”, by Clément Cotentin (Prime Video)
Orelsan’s brother filmed it for 20 years. An impressive pool of images which retraces with derision and without filter the artist’s journey through moments of glory and loss. Brilliant !

Series – « Mixed », by Marie Roussin (on Prime Video)
Be careful, the girls are coming! So here is a year in the corridors of the first mixed high school in France. Supported by a talented junior cast, the series explores sexism, sexuality and society. Tasty.

Karelle Fitoussi’s comic book favorites

« The lovers of Hérouville » by Yann Le Quellec and Romain Ronzeau (Delcourt)

« The young actor » by Riad Sattouf (The books of the future)

« Awakenings » by Juliette Mancini (Atrabile)

«Alice Guy» de Catel & Bocquet (Casterman)

Tunnels by Rutu Modan (Actes Sud)

« In the Palace of Mirrors » by Liv Stromquist (Rackham)

Fabrice Leclerc’s favorite book

« A brief moment of splendor » by Ocean Vuong (Gallimard)

We do not emerge unscathed from this epidermal and lyrical novel on the violence of difference, written like a letter to his mother carried by an incredible style and a good dose of nerve. The American poet of Vietnamese origin recounts his family and intimate traumas in an America that was also lost. Tote certainly, but of an often dizzying brio.

Benjamin Locoge’s favorite shows

“Fraternity, a fantastic tale” by Caroline Guiela Nguyen, seen in Avignon

« A Gala Evening » by Vincent Dedienne, seen in Deauville

“Clara Haskill prelude and fugue” by Safy Nebbou, with Laetitia Casta, seen in Béziers

« Maman » by Samuel Benchetrit with Vanessa Paradis, seen in Paris

« Between dog and wolf » by Christiane Jatahy, seen in Avignon

Philippe Noisette’s favorites

«Enchanted» by Lia Rodrigues

Choreographer Lia Rodrigues captivates with this large, uneasy piece worn by unique dancers. An enchantment.

« La Vie parisienne » directed by Christian Lacroix

For his first attempt, it is a stroke of brilliance. The genius costume designer Christian Lacroix takes over Offenbach’s opera bouffe making him mad

« The Young and Death » by Roland Petit

Sublimated by the stars of the Paris Opera, Mathias Heymann and Dorothée Gilbert, this short ballet on an argument by Jean Cocteau has definitely not aged a bit.

« Anni and Joseph Albers » at the Museum of Modern Art of the city of Paris

Children of the Bauhaus, the couple of jack-of-all-trades designers are celebrated during a large erudite and generous exhibition.

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