The price of Candy tumble dryers down sharply on Cdiscount! (-306 €)

Condensation dryers do not need to be connected to the outside since they operate in a closed circuit, the humidity is collected in a container which is emptied after each use. This type of device is the most common on the market. Cdiscount displays the Candy CSC 9DE-47 condenser dryer at € 393.99 instead of € 699.99.

The Candy tumble dryer is rich in features

The Candy tumble dryer has a maximum capacity of 9 kg. It is a connected device, thanks to NFC technology you can control the activities of the dryer, check the drying cycle and access several functions. Your Android smartphone must be equipped with NFC connectivity to use this feature. This condenser dryer is designed to make minimal effort, the door is 3.5 cm higher than standard models for easier handling of the laundry. The delayed start function allows you to start a drying cycle of up to 24 hours. The Super Easy Iron feature reduces wrinkles to help us spend less time ironing. This Candy appliance is energy class B, which is ideal for saving money and the KG Detector function automatically adapts the drying time to the amount of laundry in the drum.

A practical and economical dryer

The water tank is located in the window which is very practical for emptying it and you can see the height of the water level. This dryer is easy to use and the noise level of the appliance is quite decent. There are many programs available to meet all needs and the Candy tumble dryer is excellent value for money. Candy is an Italian brand, present on the market since 1945 and specializing in large household appliances. Its products are located in the middle range of quality and are innovative in particular with regard to connected household appliances.


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