« The state is a police officer only because society is a police officer »

BACK TO SCHOOL TESTS. In « Farewell to Freedom », Mathieu Slama denounces, at the time of Covid, a « soft totalitarianism » based on an ideology of « safe ».

In November 2020, after the second confinement.
In November 2020, after the second confinement.
© EDOUARD BRANE / Hans Lucas via AFP

De Gaulle – Think, resist, govern

His name has become synonymous with a free and powerful France. De Gaulle, the man of the call of June 18, established himself in history first as a rebel, a resistance fighter and then as a charismatic political leader, in France and abroad. Adored, hated during his presidency, after his death he became a myth, an ideal of a politician that we find ourselves regretting on the right and the left.

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