The weather for Monday, September 27: gale and widespread rain

On the last Monday of the year 2021, the weather is very agitated as a depression passes through France, accompanied by a gale and temporary heavy rains.

France, located in the middle of a vast low pressure system, will experience the passage of a very active low on Monday, December 27, which will cause rains all over the country, sometimes quite abundant, according to the latest bulletin from La Chaine Météo *. The west wind will blow strongly, up to 100 km / h near the coast and 70 to 80 km / h inland.

The weather in your area

From the morning, the rains will affect ¾ of the country, sparing Hauts-de-France, Champagne, Grand-Est, Jura and the north of the Alps. These rains will be sustained, sometimes stormy along the Pyrenees with snow above 1,800 meters. Near the Mediterranean, the rains will also set in quickly. the vent will strengthen in the West, reaching 60 to 80 km / h.

In the afternoon, this choppy and windy weather will continue. It will rain from Hauts-de-France to the Alps, with a rain / snow limit at around 1600 meters. In Provence Côte d’Azur and Corsica, heavy stormy rains will fall. Everywhere else, the weather will be very unstable with sometimes heavy showers. This precipitation will be blocked on the west of the Massif Central, giving important accumulations and causing a partial melting of the snow below 1500 meters. By orographic blocking effect, precipitation will also be abundant on the Vosges and the Jura. The weather will gradually improve between Provence and Roussillon.

As to vent, it will grow stronger throughout the day. It will blow very hard Monday afternoon and the following night, up to 100 km / h in the regions bordering the Atlantic as well as on the heights of the Massif Central and 70 to 80 km / h in the lands of the West.

Regarding temperatures, in the morning, we expect from 6 ° C in the plains of the North-East to 15 ° C in the Basque Country. In the afternoon, highs will reach 10 ° C in the Alsace plain to 16 ° C in the Aquitaine basin, passing through 12 ° C in Paris. Despite the apparent mildness of the temperatures, the felt in the wind and in the rain will be particularly unpleasant.

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