This is confirmed for Hamilton …

Still marked by the loss of his eighth world champion title in the last shot of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton is still branded with a hot iron and is indeed thinking of retirement.

Two weeks have passed and Lewis Hamilton still has not digested. Fifteen days after an Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which saw him abandon his dreams of an eighth world championship title on the last lap after a controversial decision by the race marshals, the British driver still accuses the suddenly, according to Toto Wolff, the boss of the Mercedes team.

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“Our emotions fluctuate and especially those of Lewis, he told the specialized site He had won the world championship until the last round, then everything was taken away from him in a second. Of course you are losing faith because you cannot understand what just happened. «  The situation is not without worrying the leaders of the German team.

It’s just lacking in words

Silenced since leaving Abu Dhabi, Lewis Hamilton, who skipped the annual FIA gala and unsubscribed from all the Instagram accounts he followed, could indeed say stop. While he will celebrate his 37 years on January 7, the Briton, at the end of his contract, has still not extended and is indeed thinking of retirement. It does not exchange less regularly with its leaders. « The silence is there, of course, because there is simply a lack of words, Toto Wolff confided. Lewis was at the office with me and everyone else involved, and we’ve been in constant contact over the past few days.  »

According to Bernie Ecclestone, the retirement of Lewis Hamilton is holding the rope.  » I don’t know, but I don’t think he will come back, he launched in an interview with Blick. His disappointment is too great. And you can understand that in a way. Now he surely thinks it’s time, with seven world championship titles like Michael Schumacher, to tackle his dream of becoming a fashion entrepreneur.  » And the nonagenarian added: «  I spoke with his father a few days ago. And I immediately felt that he would not answer a question about his son’s future. So we were only talking about business! ”

Also read:Hamilton disgusted and ready to leave F1!Hamilton sulks … and risks a sanction

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