Unemployment: a significant drop of -1.7% for category A

After a 3.3% drop in October, the number of unemployed (category A) continued to decline in November, with 55,800 fewer job seekers (-1.7%), to 3.321 million, according to figures of the Ministry of Labor published Monday, January 27. While the number of job seekers in category A drops significantly, those in category B and C have increased by 0.7% (+ 16,100).

Including reduced activity (categories B and C), the number of job seekers in France (excluding Mayotte) is down 0.7% in November compared to the previous month (- 39,800 people) and establishes at 5.669 million, according to the Statistics Directorate (Dares). This number had dropped back in October to below the pre-crisis level of December 2019 (5.726 million), registering a drop of 1.6%. Over one year, the drop in category A is 13.2% (- 505,300). For categories A, B and C, it is – 5.7% (- 341,800).

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Category A below pre-crisis level

The latest quarterly results published at the end of October showed a drop in the number of category A unemployed by 5.5% in the third quarter. Categories A were then just below the pre-crisis level, with 5,200 fewer job seekers compared to 4e quarter 2019. For categories A, B and C as a whole, it remained above its pre-crisis level (+ 124,100).

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