Wildtype, a salmon going against the tide

After meat, here is now “sustainable” fish. The American company Wildtype has invented a new source of seafood. Welcome to cellular salmon… born in vitro, therefore not from fishing!

HOW IT WORKS ? The first step is to grow fish cells and select those that are able to regenerate and maintain similar characteristics over time (shape, doubling time, ability to behave like muscle, fat, etc.) . Wildtype then grows these cells full of omega 3s in steel tanks that resemble those in a brewery.

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Then the company feeds them the same nutrients (fats, sugars, amino acids, and minerals) that fish would need to thrive at sea. Plant-based structures, called « scaffolds, » are then built for the cells to grow. fish grow inside. The latter organize themselves, mature and develop the different textures characteristic of salmon within these scaffolds. It is a process of growth outside of the animal.

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AND TASTE This laboratory salmon intended to be eaten raw, in its sushi or sashimi version, receives a positive reception from the chefs: it is difficult, if not impossible in terms of flavor, texture and aroma to tell the difference between the real and the “ false « .

Aryé Elfenbein, co-founder and chief scientist of Wildtype

Paris Match. What are the benefits of your salmon?
Aryé ivory. Purity, efficiency and durability. It is free from microplastics, heavy metals, antibiotics, and all the other contaminants commonly found in fish and seafood. On the sustainability side, we don’t need fish to keep making fish. food in this way. Our products come from sustainable sources, helping our oceans to recover from the pressures of overfishing.

What are the limits of your project?
As we are in the early stages of development, we don’t really know the limits, i.e. how true our products will taste on a large scale or how low the achievable costs will be. .

What do you want to improve in the future?
We strive to improve the versatility of our salmon products, as well as expand the range of seafood varieties that we are developing for future products.

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