Christmas arch: American drops 836 parakeets in animal shelter

A Christmas present « unexpectedAn animal shelter in Michigan was entrusted with more than 800 parakeets by the son of a man who kept them crammed into a room in his house, the establishment and local press reported.

«Three bird protection associations are working together today to rescue the more than 800 parakeets that have been deposited with usThe Detroit Animal Welfare Group said on Facebook on Sunday, Dec. 26. The son of an animal collector whose bird breeding project went off the rails had first given 497 parakeets to this refuge on Christmas Eve, before returning on Sunday with 339 additional birds. « A Christmas present we weren’t expecting …Commented the Detroit Animal Welfare Group.

«These birds come from an extremely unhealthy environment and the irresponsibility of their owner is infuriating.», Continued the refuge. According to his son, the owner of the parakeets kept them locked in cages in a room in his house and spent $ 1,200 a month to feed them, local media outlet Detroit Free Press reports. « They were on top of each other and were choking on each other. They were very, very stressed, hardly moving. We had to take them out and put them in different cages« Kelley LeBonty, head of the Detroit Animal Welfare Group shelter, told the newspaper.

The parakeets will be available for adoption after being examined by a veterinarian, some requiring urgent care, said the association, which specifies that adopting such a bird is a serious commitment, with a parakeet living on average between 6 and 15 years. In the United States, people who collect animals without proper care can be subject to legal action. The Detroit Animal Welfare Group, however, stressed that it had not contacted the American authorities for the rescued parakeets.


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