Covid-19, Omicron: New Year, school, mask, telework … What to remember from Jean Castex’s announcements

REPORT – The Prime Minister and Olivier Véran spoke at the end of a Defense Council and an extraordinary Council of Ministers. Here is a summary, as well as excerpts in replay.

Preserve the end of year celebrations. Despite the daily Covid-19 contamination records recorded in recent days, Emmanuel Macron intends to spare the French as much as possible from too coercive measures during the truce for confectioners. During a Defense Council and then an extraordinary Council of Ministers organized by videoconference on Monday afternoon, the executive thus dismissed the toughest restrictions, but opted for a strengthening of certain mechanisms in force, in order to try to slow down the fifth wave, and slow down the circulation of the Omicron variant in the territory.

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No curfew on New Years Eve

Circulate freely on New Year’s Eve. Although the sale of alcohol and food is prohibited on the public road on the evening of Friday December 31, New Year’s Eve will ultimately not be covered. fire. « Let’s limit big parties and big dinners« , However asked the Prime Minister.

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Back to school maintained on January 3

Sacralize the education of the youngest. Presented as a « last resort“, The temporary closure of schools – demanded by some caregivers and members of the opposition – is not on the agenda: the start of the school year will therefore remain on January 3.

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Towards reduced isolation for vaccinated contact cases

Avoid the « paralysis« And »disorganization« . While, as it stands, the isolation times for contact cases can be up to 17 days, this period could be reduced to « place less strain on those vaccinated« . Due to lack of sufficient information at this stage, this decision will be clarified by the end of the week.

Vaccination booster time reduced to three months after the last dose starting tomorrow

The health authorities have been heard. While the various authorities concerned have all given their green light, the vaccine booster period will be reduced to three months after the injection of the last dose, from this Tuesday morning.

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The fourth dose « Is a possibility »

Could people over 65, who have already received a third dose in September, soon receive a new booster dose, as is already the case in Israel in particular? « It’s a possibility« , Indicated the Minister of Health, affirming that »if a new dose of vaccine is needed to protect the most vulnerable, we will do so».

Reinforced teleworking at the start of the school year, 3 to 4 days compulsory for three weeks

Avoid unnecessary mixing of populations. Having become optional for several months, teleworking will again be imposed from the start of the school year, with three to four compulsory days per week, and this for at least three weeks.

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Return of the mask « In all city centers » where prefects and mayors deem it useful

A symbol more than anything else. Contrary to the doctrine of recent weeks, the wearing of the mask will be « extended and better respected in all city centers»Where the prefects and mayors will deem it useful.

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Outdoor gatherings limited to 5,000 people, compared to 2,000 indoors

The return of gauges. The capacity to accommodate large gatherings will be considerably reduced, « from next monday»And for three weeks: they will be limited to 5,000 people outdoors, compared to 2,000 indoors.

No gauge for political meetings or for religious activities

Should the campaign take place without a meeting? Recalling that political activities – as well as religious ones – had « specific provisions in our constitutional law« , Jean Castex indicated that a commission »involving all political parties« Was going to be incorporated in early 2022, to define »rules« Which would be »protective« In terms of health while keeping »account of this fundamental specificityThat is the exercise of democracy in the run-up to a presidential election.

No longer possible to eat in sports halls, places of culture and transport

Limit usability. From Monday, and for at least three weeks, food and drink consumption will be banned in sports halls, places of culture – cinemas and theater -, as well as in transport, « including long distance».

Bars and cafes remain open, as long as you consume there sitting and no longer standing

They were worried, they can take a breather. If they remain open, bars and cafes will however have to give up drinks at the counter, and only serve customers at the tables. This measure will apply from Monday, and for at least three weeks.

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End of the « standing concerts»From Monday, and for at least three weeks

Reduce the risk associated with major festivities. To avoid as much as possible the creation of clusters, the executive has decided to ban, from Monday and for at least three weeks, “standing concerts”.

Transformation of the health pass into a vaccine pass: green light from the government

Transform the health pass into a vaccination pass. As expected, the bill strengthening the “green passport” was “adopted»In the Council of Ministers. If it is quickly voted on by Parliament, the text will apply from January 15.

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«Increased sanctions» against fake pass holders

War on fraudsters. Jean Castex warned that there would be « increased sanctions against false sanitary passes, without however going into detail. For the Prime Minister, this kind of gap represents « much more than a circumvention of the law« , but rather « a deliberate act of endangerment». «This is not admissible« , He warned.


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