Covid-19: the epidemic dashboard

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The data in this article are automatically updated between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. every evening by Santé Publique France. Global data is updated every night with the consolidated figures of the day before by Johns-Hopkins University, whose monitoring refers.

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State of the epidemic in France

At , the virus responsible for Covid-19 has infected at least people in France and caused dead, according to data from Public Health France.

in 14 days
New cases i
Critical care

The evolution of the epidemic

Number of cases of Covid-19 reported on the date of the tests, and number of deaths due to Covid-19 in hospitals and nursing homes. The dotted line indicates the period when the number of positive tests is artificially low due to lack of material.


7-day moving average
moy. 7 j.

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7-day moving average
moy. 7 j.

The national dynamics of the epidemic

These graphs show the average incidence rate over one week (per 100,000 inhabitants, i.e. ), the number of tests and their positivity rate.

Departmental dynamics of the epidemic

This cartogram of the French departments represents, for these last weeks, the incidence rate (new cases on average per week per 100,000 inhabitants) and the level of hospitalizations (the proportion of people hospitalized per 100,000 inhabitants).

The colored area some departments show the increase from the lowest level.

I rateIncidence


✱ the graphs marked with an asterisk have a slightly different scale from the rest of the departments, their maximum is N per 100,000 inhabitants, against N for the majority of them.

✱ the graphs marked with an asterisk have a slightly different scale from the rest of the departments, their maximum is N per 100,000 inhabitants, against N for the majority of them.

The hospital situation

Four daily indicators to monitor hospital data on the epidemic by date of declaration, data updated on .

New hospitalizations

Critical care admissions

New deaths in hospital

Distribution of hospitalized patients

Number of patients with Covid-19 hospitalized by region and by age group at , in ultimate value.


Critical care

The vaccination profile of patients admitted to hospital

These two bar charts represent the proportion of people fully vaccinated among new hospitalized patients and critical care admissions since the end of May 2021, and only among cases confirmed by a positive PCR test. The curves indicate the weekly average.

New hospitalizations conventional

Critical care entry

The epidemic figures by department

This table shows the number of people hospitalized and dead from Covid-19 in hospitals in the 101 metropolitan French departments and overseas between March 18 and the .

These graphs represent the cases at the top (from May 19, 2020) and people who died from Covid-19 at the bottom (from March 22, 2020).

The graph below shows the evolution of mortality in France. The data come from the national register of identification of natural persons of the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) and present deaths occurring in the national territory, all causes combined.

Evolution of mortality in France

Number of daily deaths from all causes.

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 began on December 27, 2020 in France. After a slow start, it gradually accelerated.

Progress of vaccination

Number of people vaccinated in France by injection date, to .

Figures cumulative

Figures daily

at least one dose

fully vaccinated

with booster dose

7 day average

The evolution of the pandemic

Number of cases of Covid-19 and deaths due to Covid-19 reported worldwide.

Figures cumulative

Figures daily



7-day moving average
moy. 7 j.

Be careful, the comparison can be distorted by the differences in the screening strategy of the countries, or even by voluntary underreporting of the scale of the epidemic.

The global pandemic map

Select countries for more information, data updated on . All figures are given in the form of a rate « per million inhabitants » (ie / M inhab.).

Case confirmed

Average daily cases of the last 7 days (/ M inhab.):

Select the view: WorldEurope

The pandemic figures

This table shows the number of cases and deaths from Covid-19 in all countries with a population of at least one million. Before the summer of 2020, the cases are presented only as an indication (and in dotted lines), before this period the data of the number of cases are unreliable due to the low number of tests available.

The distribution of the human toll of the pandemic

Daily deaths due to Covid-19 by large groups. Sliding average on days.

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