LIVE – Omicron outbreak, new restrictions: follow the news of the Covid-19 epidemic minute by minute

US health authorities cut patient isolation time in half

From 10 to 5 days. American health authorities announced on Monday that they had halved the recommended isolation time for people positive for Covid-19.

Beyond the weight that such long isolation placed on the American economy, threatened by a wave of absenteeism, it is the scientific data that has motivated this change of norm. Indeed, according to the CDC statement, the majority of infections occur within one to two days before and two to three days after the onset of symptoms.

As announced by Jean Castex, the French executive will vote on this same question « before the end of the week ».

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Back to school, New Year’s Day, teleworking … What to remember from the announcements of Castex and Véran

Prime Minister Jean Castex and his Minister of Health Olivier Véran therefore reported this Monday on the decisions taken in the Health Defense Council a few hours earlier.

Among the new restrictions, the return of gauges in large gatherings and that of mandatory teleworking 3 to 4 days a week.

On the other hand, the idea of ​​a curfew for the New Year’s Eve was ruled out, as was a possible postponement of the start of the school year.

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