Loire: lifting of a decree authorizing beatings against goats

The mayor of Lorette (Loire) repealed a controversial order on Monday (December 27th) that allowed fights against wild goats to protect the local cemetery from damage.

The decree taken on December 14 led to the slaughter of 11 goats by hunters and provoked an outcry from animal rights activists and appeals from elected officials and the prefecture. The repeal was decided by the DVD mayor of Lorette, Gérard Tardy, « whereas since the battle of wild and non-capturable goats on 19 December 2021, no graves in Lorette Cemetery have been desecrated by wild goats« , Wrote the city councilor in his decision, which AFP has obtained a copy of.

On December 19, nine goats were slaughtered while in the cemetery. The previous weekend, members of the town’s hunting society had already shot two others during a first beaten organized without a regulatory framework. On Sunday, around 20 animal rights activists tried in vain to capture the few surviving goats in order to prevent them from being in turn slaughtered by hunters.

The administrative court of Lyon was seized last week in summary proceedings of three appeals for annulment of the decree filed by opposition municipal councilors of Lorette and the prefecture of the Loire. For its part, the Cercle de Pan, one of the associations which lodged a complaint against the mayor of the town and the president of his hunting society, told AFP on Monday that it was maintaining a demonstration scheduled for January 5 in front of the town hall.

The building is closed to the public « until further notice”, According to the mayor, because of the irruption inside the building of activists of the animal cause on December 22.


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